Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I can't wait to show you.

 [dubrovnik, crotia. july 2011.]

i don't know where in the world my true love is at the moment.
quite literally.
i don't know what his favorite book is.
i don't know if he wears glasses or whether or not he has freckles.
i don't even know his name.


i do know that whenever we honeymoon,
 we're going to dubrovnik.

we're going to swim in the crystal blue water 
& sneak a few kisses in the coves.
& i'll tell him about when i went in the summer of 2011.
how i knew i had to bring him there.

how even though i didn't know him yet, 
(or what on earth was taking him so long)
i knew he would have the same idea when he saw those coves. 

& i know just where to find the best pizza.
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  1. That looks so beautiful! Lovely post!

  2. um, can you take Chris and I too!? hahahahahah.

  3. this is so sweet and dreamy, annadear! whoever he is, bespectacled or not, is one lucky man :) and i love the little additions to your blog!

  4. That looks positively heavenly.

    (or what on earth was taking him so long)
    How true, sister, how true :)

  5. this post is too cute for words. I am sure he will love this place.

  6. I came across your blog from an old article from cup of jo that featured your image, and I came here and the first thing I see, is post about my hometown, Dubrovnik. I can't belive. I am so like, I can't belive. And I'm browsing your blog and I just love it.
    P.S I just love how you say that you rock red lipstick when you feel brave. That's exaclly what I do. Have fun in Dubrovnik!

  7. Pizza is really the key ingredient in all that you just said. It makes the world go 'round.....yum. And that water. Gorgeous.

    Hi again. :)

  8. this is an adorable post! miss you anna :)

  9. oh anna, i love this post :). feeling you on the whole where is my love thing as well! dubrovnik looks beautiful x

  10. Greetings from Croatia,so glad to see that you liked it here:) p.s. great blog ;)

  11. Love this post. The way you write about this gorgeous place is equally gorgeous.

  12. I relate so much to your posts and blog, as I'm also a recent college grad. But what I love most is your open honesty about waiting (not always patiently) for your love to come along. I'm waiting for him too...seems our loves have gotten lost and met along the way somewhere!

  13. it looks beautiful! And i know he is going to love it just as much as you do! :) love this post its lovely.

  14. I hope he finds you soon. beautiful photos!!

  15. I chance upon your blog today. Really love this little piece here. It's whimsical.


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