Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking into a storybook.


Tucked away, in beautiful Bavaria is the city of Rothenburg While driving from Northern  Germany to Venice, we made a stop & took time to explore this amazing city.

From the Christmas shops, walking along the top of the entire city wall, to its fascinating history, Rothenburg is like walking into the pages of a storybook. (It was, afterall, the inspiration for the setting of Walt Disney's Pinocchio as well as in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)

It was  beyond dreamy. To say the least.
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  1. Dude, when I commented on Facebook--"Oh, is this where Pinnochio lives?"--I was JOKING... Apparently my storybook intuition is spot-on! Ha!

    PS Photos = stunning...

  2. so so glad to see your lovely posts in my reader again. :) <3

  3. I'm almost positive I've been to that exact place! I THINK! Beautiful. Your adventures are a positive delight to read about :)

  4. The little out-of-the-way are always my favorite :) It looks amazing!

  5. oh it's such a cute village! be wary of old ladies inviting you in for good food. i know this is a city and not deep in the woods, but you know, just be on the safe side. :)

  6. hahaha kimbirdy, i totally agree! ; )

  7. i'm so jealous. i've always wanted to see soemthing like that. :)


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