Monday, July 25, 2011

falling madly in love...

[7.23.2011. Rome, Italy.]

with Italy.

the family i'm au pairing for took me with them on a Mediterranean cruise.
from Croatia to Italy, i've been immersed in beautiful history 
& sights for the past few weeks. please forgive me for being gone so long.
but now I am in Italy visiting my pops who happens to be here on business. 

that means the whole day he's at work i'm exploring Naples & writing.
it's a wonderful thing.

so much to share. photos, stories, ideas.
i've missed you heaps!

but i alas, i have returned! 

(though my love for you all never left.)

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  1. I am glad you are back! I have missed your post!!!


  2. oh amy, you've made me beam from all of your sweet comments. thank you thank you! so excited to be back to blogging! ; )


  3. I am happy you are having a great time. you're such an inspiring person for listening to your heart and taking on that adventure. I have enjoyed reading about your journey :)

  4. yay, good for you. you should have as many adventures as you possibly can while you're there. :) and that photo is AH-MAZING!!

  5. welcome back i have missed your lovely blog posts. lucky you being able to go to italy how wonderful :) enjoy every moment xxxx yey so happy youre back xx

  6. wow I'm so extremely jealous that 1) you are an au pair and 2) they took you with you to the mediterranean!!!

  7. umm may i please be their au pair too :)
    can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Proud of you! And so jealous. I'm off to Italy next year. I'd love it if you did a post on where you went, what you saw and ate!

  9. Ah I'm so so glad your back! Reading your blog always sweetens my day!

  10. you live a most lovely existence, my dear :) totally well deserved! xo


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