Thursday, July 28, 2011

The ever enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle.

You start by climbing the long, windy path.  You're surrounded by large trees that look exactly like you used to draw trees as a kid: tall, skinny trunk, and the leaves start about 2/3 to the top.

As you walk you feel as if you are about to be swallowed up into the blanket of trees that surround you. It's amazing & daunting all at once.

While you climb you will come across a few little pretzel stands (with real, Bavarian pretzels) & your nose enjoys a few minutes of heaven as you journey on.

As horses cart by carrying tourists (who chose to opt out of the hike) you can imagine what life might have been like in old Bavaria.  Lots of hiking the alps. Lots. And if you needed sugar from your neighbor, you'd probably rethink your meal before trekking it over. ; )

You climb & you feel like your breathing in pieces of the clouds. You want to reach up & touch them & bottle their fluff up into mason jars to bring back for your loved ones.

When you reach the top you feel like you might have just run a marathon. (Maybe that's just me, since I'm extremely out of shape...) But you are in awe of its size & your anxious to learn every little detail about this immense masterpiece.

You look at the windows & you are sure Sleeping Beauty might peek out behind the curtains at any moment. (But then remember she probably doesn't even roll out of bed until one p.m... on a good day.)

The big clock in the middle of the castle makes you wonder if it is the same one that changed Cinderella's life forever.

And then you look up & this is the same castle you spent your childhood admiring on your 1995 Window's desktop & you smile to yourself, holding back giggles of disbelief.

It's as equally enchanting to both five year old Anna & 22 year old Anna.

And it's just as magical as you had hoped.
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  1. Climbing up to Neuschwanstein is one of my fondest that I hope I get to experience again in my lifetime. :-)

    You described it perfectly!

  2. these photos look like post cards

  3. Gorgeous! Have you stopped by Dinkelsbuhl yet? Another amazing little Bavarian town with a wonderful history. (and home of a handful of amazing friends!)

  4. Oh my goodness. So beautiful! Wish I was you right now! I'm so jealous!

  5. Amazing. I want to jump in your photos and stay a long while.


  6. These places really do look like you've just stepped into a Disney film. I want to go there! Hope you are having a fabulous time x

  7. Wow this place so amazing!
    Anyway, I'll paste your code on my blog, you're photos are really beautiful. I wish I can travel like you. Take care!


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