Monday, May 2, 2011

You've gotta.

{via: flickr.}

You've gotta let your hopes shine through you like they did when you were a little girl.
You've gotta take it one day at a time, moment by moment.
You've gotta go to sleep with hopes of magical dreams so you can dream magical dreams full of your hopes.
You've gotta realize it's ok to change your mind everyday about what you wanna be when you grow up.
You've gotta put passion into everything you are doing. If you can't, you've gotta change something.
You've gotta get excited about the little things.
You've gotta feel sad if you are sad, mad if you are mad, lost if you are lost...
You've gotta give yourself time to appreciate the prize in the cereal box.
You've gotta dress up in whatever makes you feel the best. Not what others think should.
You've gotta be proud of yourself when you're really good at something.
You've gotta accept the things you know you struggle with.
You've gotta be okay with asking for help when you need it.
You've gotta say what you need to say.
You've gotta follow your own path. 
You've gotta do what makes you truly happy.
You've gotta understand how much you are loved.
but most of all,
You've gotta love yourself.

you've just gotta.
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  1. oh did i really need this or what. thank you so much, deary <3

  2. Oh, my heart swelled when I read this...I love it...passing it on to all my lovelies. Thank you! Have a beautifully blessed week!

  3. awww so sweet =) thanks for posting this !

  4. So I literally have no idea how I missed this post. Beautiful. I especially like the prizes in cereal boxes.

    Can I make a confession....I still get happy meals sometimes for the toys.

    Last night it was a break dancing bird that spins on his hand from "Rio" I was pretty excited. It's totally legit.

  5. what an absolutely lovely lovely poem - did you write it? I love your blog, have you on my blogroll as I find your posts so beautiful and inspiring. Thank YOU... from hopeless romantics the world over

  6. Oh, this is lovely! So glad I stumbled across your blog!

    Katie x

  7. love this. your blog is just lovely and happy.

  8. aww...well written. inspiring! :D

  9. Yes... So simple advice, and yet SO difficult to follow on a daily basis!
    Didn't someone say that staying present is the most difficult spiritual task there is?
    - Marcus

    By the way... If you want to get your love back , have a look at what I write about at my blog, at :)


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