Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sweets: Royal Wedding edition...

I remember being little, and my big sister Katie & I fawning over magazines that had anything royal family-related. She would share them and we would sit (sometimes with a jar of pickles) and just read and swoon the afternoon away.  I loved it.  I would point & ask who is 'that?' and she would share all of her royal knowledge with me.  I love those memories.  
I also remember she had pencils that said "I Heart Prince Wills" on them & that she gave me one.  (out of the 100 santa had brought her that year...)
I also remember the day Diana died. Vividly, although I was only eight years old. I remember all of it: I remember that we cried; I remember that we bought "Candle in the Wind" on cassette tape; I remember my sister Emily recording it on VHS(which we still have packed away).  Such a tragic day... 
However, this day (well, Friday) was one of absolute happiness.
I have been very sick, but insisted on rising early in the morn to watch it all LIVE(no regrets)
We watched it at the Kansas City Union Station and it was unreal.  So many people came to watch even though it was 4a.m.
Even Katie came before she went to work. And, I am so happy that she did.
As we sat there, watching everything so intently, getting giddy over every detail, it felt so much like the days when we were younger, and she would share all of her royal love with me.
 (and although it wasn't one of us, ,sister, at least he ended up with another Catherine Elizabeth.)

this is made me tear up. this too. oh & of course this.
but this is one of my new favorites. ; )

p.s. and to my two big sisters: I'll be the Pippa to your Kate, anyday. ; )
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  1. what a gorgeous post, it was such a lovely and special day! i've never felt like such a patriotic brit! kate looked stunning and i loved all the special intimate moments between them which made such a public event seem private x

  2. the story behind your (and your sister's) love for everything royal is too cute. Kate and Wills make a great couple, I wish them many years of happiness.

  3. oh my gosh. The glowing picture of diana smiling made me get a big ol' lump in my throat. Her candle burned out long before ...

    p.s. I have the cassette tape too.

  4. love this post!!! i have also always been obsessed with royals since i was very young and i also remember watching diana's funeral when i was six. kate's dress=perfection. and i cried through the entire exchanging of vows. they looked so happy and i hope they continue to be for many, many years!!

  5. I adore the pictures you posted. And I loved every detail of their beautiful day!!

  6. This is a terribly sweet post!


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