Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a small update...

Remember when I said I was going to Germany to be an au pair...
Well I decided to make an additional blog to chronicle the new adventures-- of course I will still have this blog (this one, too!) & continue the regular posting, I just thought I wouldn't overwhelm you all over here with all the happenings. ; )

of course you are totally welcome to follow that blog, if you want: Anna Im Ausland.

p.s. I leave in six days. right?! I know, I can't believe it either!
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  1. Holy moley! How lovely! I'm so excited to follow your adventures, have an amazing time!!!

    xo Shannon

  2. six days?!?! wow! the time really flew by eh? are you ready? do you know anyone over there already? i hope you enjoy this beginning phase of your adventure. in a few months everything will feel totally normal again, but now - now is the exciting, thrilling, scary, but awesome time when everything is shiny and new. how wonderful! :)

  3. how exciting that you're almost leaving!!!

    ps: you never overwhelm us

  4. hi anna!
    love your blog, read it every day. how are you??
    wishing you lots of luck for your time in germany- i know youll have an incredible time and cant wait to follow your adventures out there.
    just enjoy and keep smiling!
    with love
    eleanor xx


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