Tuesday, April 19, 2011

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.”

Someday I will host dinner parties & you will always be invited.

We will eat lovely food, and perhaps the first time I will try & have a hand at cooking a real meal. If it doesn't work so well, the next time I'll just have something ordered-in. But nevertheless, food will be plenty & drinks will be flowing. (Our drinks will be something "fancy" - you know, what qualifies as "fancy" to us: like sparkling grape juice & ice cold wheat beers-- served in wee glasses, most likely a mason jar I've turned into drinking cups.  

We will come together & every single time the conversation will start with something along the lines of "Where does the time go? It seems just like yesterday..." & for a moment we will all sigh & smile at that truth, & the fact it will be mentioned, just the same, at our next dinner party.

We will then talk of our lives.  We will share in roars of laughter & bicker about politics & how some of us still listen to Taylor Swift... but only because we know just how to each others buttons-- & our quirks & differences are what we truly love about one another.

We will reminisce about all the memories we share & chuckle at our past selves.  

"How could we have been so silly?" we'll say. 

"We worried about so many unnecessary things!" we'll all agree.

We will laugh until we cry & cry until we laugh.

We will find ourselves chatting on & on about how our Loves drive us bonkers--but we all will smile at one another, knowing that none of us would trade them for anything.

We will talk of our past dates-- especially the times we tried to set one another up.  

"How on earth did you think he was MY type?" we'll banter. 

"Well, he turned out to be much different than i thought." we'll refute. 

We will then joke & point out our most embarrassing moments & then we'll sigh & say in unison, "how did we get through all of that?" 

& we will not say it aloud, but each of us, in our hearts will think:

"It was crazy, exhausting & one of the most confusing times of our lives...but we wouldn't change it for the world." 

"Not one bit." 
we will silently repeat.
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  1. I just wanted to tell you that this post made me smile. The genuine kind of smile where you know everything is going to work out in one way or another, and you have someone to share that kind of thing with. Thank you.

  2. "whatever with the past is gone the best is always yet to come" Lucy Larcom

  3. This precious post made me tear up just a bit. So lovely! Keep on writing.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes and a warmness I hadn't felt in quite a long time. Thank you so much.

  5. This post feels like a sincere hug from my best friend. And I love you for it, Anna!

  6. From ear to ear. That's how big my smile is at the moment. Thank you.

  7. this is simply gorgeous, my friend. simply lovely. your words are powerful, dear. keep on exerting that power :)

  8. This was an amazing read... sooooooo amazingly true.

  9. i love the absolutely romantic way you view EVERYTHING in life! i always feel dreamy and comforted and genuinely happy... or at least hopeful... after reading your posts. it's the same way i feel after reading a nicholas sparks novel... i love it! thank you :)

  10. I love your style of writing :), I have the same dream of dinner parties with many friends and we will talk and laugh hihi...schöne grüße aus deutschland (greetings from germany)!!!

  11. oh so sweet! that's definitely how i feel about high school and college, and i hope that's what i'll think about this last year of my 20's. and i hope i'll always live near my life-long friends so i can have these experiences. so sweet!

  12. you have become one of my favorite blogs to visit! your wisdom and wit have become a such a happy in my day. keep up the good work!
    ps, my best friend and i have a blog - http://glittercollective.tumblr.com/ - come see us!

  13. It was absolutely gorgeous reading this, i just turned 20 a few days ago and was already hating being older but this post made me even more excited for when i will someday own a home and do exactly what you have described here, thankyou for showing me there are great years ahead

    Love ally


  14. wonderful and poet. I think that post truly captures this time in my life.

  15. I love this whole dream and I share it with you. ♥

    I noticed a word is missing:

    "but only because we know just how to each others buttons"

  16. Made me laugh & cry at the same time, thinking of old friends & new...

  17. I was having the worst day, but this made it 10x better! I love your style of writing and the way you view life. Such a beautiful and magical post! Thank you!

  18. Feeling all warm and fuzzy now, great post! And yes how amazing it is to think the best is yet to come! x


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