Monday, March 7, 2011

scatter-brained anna.

I miss You, I really do. Also,This paper-cut is magnificent. 
See more of Stealing Hearts beautiful art here.

I am a poor planner. That is why I have no Sunday Sweets this week.  I lost track of time, took a far too long nap & managed to spend the whole night working on a project for school. acks! I am bummed, I am tired, but most of all, I miss You & I am sorry for being so scatter-brained. 

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  1. i have missed my visits here. you always make me smile with your sweetness :)

  2. my dear, you're in school! i think we all understand why you might not have your regular posts all the time. actually, i don't know how you manage to keep your blog up with so many cute things every day. it's totally impressive!

  3. What an amazing picture!


  4. scattered brained and stress is often the story of my life. i agree that it is very impressive that you do what you do! i only manage 1 or 2 posts a week now! <3

  5. Hope you got some rest this weekend! No wait, you're in school, probably not. Ok, things will get easier after 30, I promise. At least you'll have weekends.


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