Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello, Spring- can you hear me?

I need sunshine & warm air.  I am struggling getting through this rough, long winter.  I need to sleep with the windows open & allow new, fresh air to surround & energize me.

I am ready when you are, Spring. but please hurry, this is getting ridiculous.
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  1. That photo is adorable!! I am totally going to copy that look. XO!

  2. Completely agreed. On Monday and Tuesday there was this tiny bit of spring peeking around the corner but it's gone now :(

  3. tell Spring this makes two of us.

  4. I also agree with you on the ridiculous part. 70 degrees one day and then 34 the next. Our weather here in MS needs a Prozac. :]

  5. oh spring!! you need to seriously come visit me right away. we've been having super warm, spring weather. road trip!! :)

  6. Amen! let's see a little hustle there, Spring.

  7. I've taken a break from the winter weather in a warmer climate than where I currently reside and I think it's made my spring fever even worse!

  8. If you need someone to sign a petition or something - call me!
    I am yearning for spring!
    By the way: thanks for the tip of the "Freunde von Freunden" site - I love it!
    Hope you have a lovely day with lots of sun and birds tweeting :)

  9. I agree!! It teased New York earlier in the week with its warm sunshine but the rain returned. =P

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