Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Freunde von Freunden.

Freunde von Freunden features fascinating interviews (aber, auf Deutsch) with creative & brilliant people.  This peek into Tumblr designer Jenna Brinning's apartment has me daydreaming... I hope someday when I have a loft, it is even half as  beautiful & inspiring as Jenna's!
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  1. so pretty!!! i love that apartment. also, i just spent way too much time over on that site. i took two years of german in high school, and while that was 12 years ago and ich spreche nur etwas deutsch, i was picking up a bunch of words. i love german!

  2. that site lures me in & the next thing i know thirty minutes have flown by! I love that you studied German, too. Reason 2389042 we are two peas in a pod. ; )


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