Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the classics: boom-boom-boom...

the classics make my heart go boom-boom-boom...

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  1. I am celebrating those beautiful books with you!

  2. another reason why i believe we are twins. :) those have me swooooooning!

    also, also, you'd appreciate this! i got my warby parker try on pairs yesterday! needless to say i am torn between two lovers (glasses). thanks for the recommendation, lovey!

  3. Oh girl - I loooove the classics ;)

    Great post - they're so pretty... all the bold colors! Perfect for a bookshelf to add a little jazz to the room. Love your blog.

  4. One more reason to love those classics, those covers and different colors are fab.

  5. They're selling some of the clothbounds at Anthropologie! I think I fainted when I saw them broke my heart not to be able to buy all of them right then and there!

  6. Wow, these are stunning! If only all books were so beautiful =)

  7. Ah thanks for the heads up! I gotta scoot over to anthropologie & get my paws on these gems! & mackenzie, totalllllly love warby parker. DO TELL when you get yours!

    jazzy, classic books totally warm your heart, am i right?


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