Friday, December 31, 2010

"cause this is the beginning of the best years of our lives."

{fantastic image via Kate Spade winter 2010 ad campaign.}

2010 was full of experiences. 
2010 was a year of growth.
a year of lessons.
a year of Love.
a year of hurt.
but in the end, 2010,
we lived.

boy did we live.

happy New Year, dearest Loves.
here's to a remarkable 2011.
Cheers, xo-

p.s. crank it & dance!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my life as of late:

{via: tumblr.}

double dating.
salsa dancing.
& alas,  

Hope your holidays were beautiful. 
i can hardly believe 2010 is almost over...!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{Quote of the Week.}

week {hundertfünf};

The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. But you have to let go of the life you’re familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about."
- T. Arigo

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

joy to the world.

{my niece carolyn Christmas 2008.}
Merry Christmas
with heaps of Love.

& if your feeling a wee down, this is a wonderful reminder for you.  

p.s. (you are so loved.)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis.

Esther Smith: I’m going to let John Truett kiss me tonight.
Rose Smith: Esther Smith.
Esther Smith: Well, if we’re going to get married, I may as well start it.
Rose Smith: Nice girls don’t let men kiss them until after they’re engaged. Men don’t want the bloom rubbed off.
Esther Smith: Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that’s the trouble with me.
Ester Smith: Meeting him across the lawn for the first time would be so ordinary. I don't want to be just introduced to him. I want it to be something strange and romantic and something I'll always remember.
Rose Smith: Oh, Es, isn't he simply enchanting? And so mature! 
Esther Smith: Well, how did it happen? Where did you meet?   
Rose Smith: I was coming out of the shop and he was coming in. We bumped into each other! 
Esther Smith: Accidentally? 
Rose Smith: Almost!
Esther Smith: ... It's our last dance in St. Louis. I feel like I'm going to cry.
'Tootie' Smith: No, you can't! You can't do any of the things that I can do in St. Louis!
Esther Smith: No, no, Tootie, you're wrong. New York is a wonderful town. Everybody dreams about going there, but we're luckier than lots of families because we're really going. Wait till you see the nice new home we're going to have, and the loads and loads of new friends we're going to make. But the main thing is, Tootie, that we're all going to be together, just like we've always been. That's what really counts. We could be happy anywhere as long as we're together.
John: [after proposing to Esther] I wouldn't have said it, Esther, if I'd thought it would make you cry.
Esther: [crying] I've imagined you saying it thousands of times. And I always planned exactly how I'd act. I never planned to cry.
John: Well, at least you didn't laugh...I never asked a girl to marry me before...
Esther: John, nobody could have done it more beautifully. I'm very proud.
John: Esther, will you? Will you, Esther?
Esther: Of course I will, John.
All photos found via google images & tumblr.
I had never seen Meet Me in St. Louis until tonight and I now absolutely love it! It is such a romantic movie & simply perfect for the holidays.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday beauty.

in my dreams, i am able to do amazing things like this with my hair: 
oh, martha - you never fail to woo me.
& p.s. red lips for all of 2011 - no excuses. thanks to this inspiring article. ; )
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Monday, December 20, 2010

{Quote of the Week.}

week {hundertvier};

{via: flickr.}

There is a big difference in what we long for, what
we settle for, and what we are meant for.” 
- unknown.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

week 58.

1. these printable gift tags are all
kinds of adorable.
they are a freebie from the oh-so-
talented helen dardik.
she's amazing i tell ya!

2. this giant red knit
bow is at the top
of my wish-list!
& pretty much
everything else
at YesJess' shop.

3. this wreath
is amazing.
plus it's
which is rockin'.

4. this is such
a cute print of
Rules!" plus,
it never hurts
to have a few
around the house.

5.this photo
naturally stole
my heart. what a
winter scene.


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

{holiday gift guides}: The Girls With Glasses Show

as you probably know by now i am 
so this series of gift guides 
they created was right up my alley.  
here are a few for you to take a peek...! 

to see more of their videos

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day five: fin. fertig. finito.

& before we knew it, the semester was over. 
[l.n.o.p. fall 2010]

we bid you farewell, fall 2010.

& to spring 2011... 

we welcome you with cheers of happiness.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

day four: newsies.

this semester i was a design chief for our university newspaper, the university daily kansanit was my third semester working for the paper but i was pretty worried about being a design chief.  i mean, let's be honest. i've designed 95% of my blog with microsoft paint. (the other 5%: i even got a microsoft paint award! see last year's award here.
[which reads: "because if she had it her way, she would have done the entire paper in microsoft paint."]

but, the editors thought i had it in me.

the first few shifts were terrifying/exciting & incredibly exhausting.  this semester i had an 8am class, worked at my main job, (the university's german department) and would quickly run by the grocery store to pick up a lovely microwavable meal for that night's dinner before arriving for my design shift at 4p.m. the entire shifts you are designing non-stop.  of course there is the occasional late content or waiting on your computer to upload imaged files. (seriously, had our computers not been such grumps we could have been out of there by midnight easily) - but sometimes, i think it was just a sign that we should take a moment to breathe, stretch & laugh, lots. 
[twizzler mustaches are deliciously charming.]

i am so glad i took the risk of such a big job. 
i learned so much about the news industry, designing with real design programs (InDesign is my new bff.) & had a blast doing it. 

i love my fellow newsies. they are amazingly hard-working, dedicated, supportive, talented people.  i am so inspired by their passion & can totally see myself someday saying to my kids: "Oh, I worked with them before they were famous journalists, way back in 2010." i'll totally brag about it. 

while the 10+ hour shifts would sometimes wear me out beyond belief, and my horribly rocky friendship with Photoshop, i wouldn't change a thing. 

& this song will forever take me back to the newsroom - the frantic moments before finishing the paper, how we would play it loud to instill hopes of returning to our homes before 1 a.m. 

but how really, the newsroom was our home for a semester.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

day three: friends.

my friends are superheroes. this semester they taught me so many wonderful things about life & helped me find my genuine groove. (& if you're thinking, "is she talking about me right now?" yes. yes i am. you. you. you.) from blog friends to the friends i get to see everyday, you all have an impact on my heart you could never imagine.

my letter to you, dear friend:

dearest chap/chap-ette,
i'm so thankful for having you in my life. not to sound like a complete cheeseball, but it is the truth.  (i can't believe how much of my cheesiness you put up with...but hold up, it's about to get even cheesier...) seeing you smile & hearing you laugh is what truly makes me happy. our late night chats over pancakes, our impromptu dance parties, your awesome in-the-car choreographed moves, our rapping free-style challenges, your texts that update me when we are apart, the sweet messages you leave on my blog, voice-mails & hilarious facebook notes have made this semester so bearable and have reminded me how many beautiful, inspiring people i have in my life. i don't  know what i would do without your hugs- they are like band-aids for healing bad days.  you always turn my bad days around.  i'm so blessed that you have been so encouraging & honest with me this semester. your pearls of wisdom are forever in my heart.  you are a true superhero to me. especially this semester.  you were there for me when i needed you even though i had been a hermit of a friend. you were there to help me back to my feet after having falling hard. for that, i am so stinkin' thankful.  (without you i'd still be laying there on the ground) this semester i learned that i have the truest friends & i should never ever take you/them for granted. 
i am so blessed to have you in my life.
with Love forever,

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day two: heartbreak.

to be perfectly honest, this past semester has been rough.  not necessarily because of ample amounts of homework or even trying to keep up with four jobs.  nope.  i would rather slay those dragons head on any day than have to deal with heartbreak. 

heartbreak is the pits.

& I've had some trepidation about whether or not to blog about my recent heartache. because one weird thing about blogs- it's all archived.  all the happy moments before the break-up & moments like right now. so even whenever you try & move along, you catch yourself peeking back at those moments. moments you never imagined would make you cry. but you do it anyway, because being brave is something you admire in others & long to be yourself.
so here it goes, Loves.

last semester i dated a boy.  he was charming & happy & we had a blast together. i came to really, really care about this boy.  i loved our adventures together & i simply adore his family. & honestly, i still care about him & his family. a lot.

but then it happens.  you drift apart & you realize your lives are headed in remarkably different directions.  as much as it breaks your heart & makes you dizzy all at once, you try & accept it's for the best.

but this semester. holy moly. i have had some rough days trying to believe it's for the best.

break-ups are flippin' weird.  you go from being best friends with a person to absolutely never speaking again.  how does that even make sense?  

i guess it doesn't.  

but who ever said Love made sense? 

i must say that as much as it killed me, breaking-up before the semester began made creating my own semester routine a little bit easier. it was kind of a fresh start, of sorts. 

but snap, crackle, pop was it hard.

but much to my surprise i got into a new groove.

i came out from under my duvet to find the same beautiful world that had always been there - boy or not.  

there was so much happiness to experience in this past semester. i began to grow & learn so much about myself

& i straight-up forced myself to accept some things:
- when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
- your friends see through a lot of the crap.
- your sisters do, too.
- don't become a doormat.  people love a good doormat.
- respect. (yourself, others, just as much as others should respect you.)
- you can still care & miss him at times, but as the ever so wise Elizabth Gilbert put it: “So miss him. Send him some love and light every time you think about him, then drop it."
- love will come.
- but don't rush it.
- because it's on its way, waiting to arrive at the most perfect of times.
- just because you broke-up doesn't make the happiness you had with the person any less real. that happiness was so real.
- never allow your heart to refuse Love.  Love helps you heal.  & so many people Love you.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

& so it begins: fall 2010 finals one.

in traditional finals week fashion, i give you...

Go get 'em tiger!
finals week likes to dig deep into your soul & try & convince you otherwise.  but don't let it get to you. because:
{via: tumblr}

we can & we will.

& just so you all know, I love ya. a lot. 
so if your feeling stressed, or down in the dumps, or just disgruntled with the world, (it totally happens, & it is normal) don't let it keep you bogged down to long.

dance around your room with a hairbrush, sing super loud in the shower, or make an acceptance speech in your mirror. (awards i've imaginatively accepted? well, just last week i sent my overachieving older siblings an email with the subject line of "& i would like to thank the pulitzer prize board..." i'm a total dork.)

but if those hijinks don't seem to boost your spirits, 
check out this awesome site: 
it will so make you smile. ; )

my favorite post as of late?
this brilliance. cause it's totally true.


p.s. this edition of finals countdown is going to be full of stories, laughter, tears & straight from the heart moments. it's going to be rocking. ; )
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{Quote of the Week.}

week {hundertdrei};
{via: labellebride.}
"Because that’s what life is about. It’s about the time when you lay in the grass next to those you love. It’s about the color of the sky. It’s about a roaring fire on a winters evening. You’ve got to realize that everybody bleeds, and that everybody hurts. Everybody laughs, and everybody smiles. That’s what it’s all about. That’s all it is. There is no set meaning of life, there is nothing that can be defined, or written. It’s a matter of sculpting your very own definition."
- unknown.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

week 57.

1. this calendar is
beyond rad.
my love for space
& brilliant prints
are both found
in this divine
(& for $10 at that!)

2.  this would be
a fabulous
new year's eve
dress, don't ya think?
Refinery 29 always
finds the prettiest little

3.  I just
downloaded this
Christmas mix!
it's on repeat
tonight as i
write out my
Christmas cards!
download it (for free!) here

4. my brother &
Christmas card photos  
turned out dashing.
 Leo their mastiff pup 
   looks especially regal.
(yes, puppy. ; ) he's got around 125
pounds to go until he stops growing!)

 5. How perfect is this 
wintry photo of the
beautiful Grace Kelly
& her sweet babe? 
oh, so amazingly precious.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

let's be.

 {via: etsy.}

i am so sorry for my lack of posts lately.  i had three projects due this week so i have been one busy bee.
but don't worry, next week it is time for another final(s) countdown. & i have lots of stories to share with you!

happy weekend! 
remember to breathe...relax. whew!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Quote of the Week.}

week {hundertzwei};

{photo via: kate ryan inc.}
You have a special place in the world. All you have to do is find it. Do not give up on yourself, on the truths you have realized. Do not give in to those who would crush your dreams like nutshells. And never turn away from forever love.
 — Ellen Hopkins.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

sunday sweet 4.

a memo for You, darlings: my sister & her hubby both happen to work the same weekend once a month, so i keep watch over their babes while they work.  seeing as how they live an hour away i just stay the weekend at their house.  so... this really stinks due to the fact i can't get a moment for the internet or my sunday sweets!  
so, i decided to do one sunday sweet on these weekends, & make them extra sweet. ; )

 {via: weheartit.}
it melted my heart.  i absolutely admire her sweet candor & the sincerity in her writing. 

Dear Future you,
We will travel all over the world and save lives just by making people laugh. You will play music, and I will sing. I will read poetry to people, and we will all cry. Our children will always have bare feet, and I will only cut my hair in the summer. We will live in Africa for five years and then move to Nepal, Australia and then South America. We’ll bring Jesus to everyone we meet, and people will crowd the streets when we leave. You’ll sing songs in my ear until I fall asleep at night and I won’t need anti-depressants or sleeping pills. Our children will always know they are beautiful. They will dance on your feet after breakfast. I will cook all of our meals from home, except on the weekends when we’ll eat in diners. We’ll host dinner parties and drink white wine, inviting everyone we know: the homeless man who hangs out by the grocery store, the teenager working at the deli down the street, our kids soccer coaches, your boss, all of the kids from the youth group at the church we attend. Our kids will be home-schooled, and we’ll teach them about astronomy, horseback riding, calligraphy. We’ll go on hikes every weekend and take them sail-boating. I will write songs and we will sit on our front porch and sing. People will come from all over the neighborhood and sit on our front lawn. In the spring, we’ll plant wild flowers, and in the summer, we’ll fly kites and go on picnics. Our children will all play musical instruments. They will love reading, and our daughters will respect themselves because they will know that God treasures them and that their worth is found in Him alone. We’ll read the Bible to them as they fall asleep, and when they rebel, we’ll wait and pray and trust God to bring them back to Him. We won’t worry about money, and we’ll always help out the families we know who are struggling. We’ll always be smiling. You’ll always make me smile.
to read more of Joy's beautiful words, visit her blog: heisjealousforme.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Remember you are Loved.

The Girls with Glasses, aka my dream soul sisters, have created the most wonderful of holiday songs.  
You Are Loved is on repeat around these parts & it leaves me with feelings of hope & love in my heartI think it will for you as well. ; )


& fewf(!) tomorrow is friday...
so, a very happy friday & weekend to you, sweets!

p.s. working for the girls with glasses show is totally on my list of dream jobs.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{holiday gift guides}: A Cup of Jo.

Joanna's blog, A Cup of Jo, is one of my absolute favorites 
& her annual Gift Guide series never ceases to evoke 
"ooh's" & "aww's" from me.  plus, she has posts from 2007- 
you're certainly bound to find the perfect gift for anyone

to see the goodness 
 or the pictures below.


plus, the post titles are adorably clever. 
(see below.) 

click for 2007. 2008. 2009.

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