Monday, December 13, 2010

& so it begins: fall 2010 finals one.

in traditional finals week fashion, i give you...

Go get 'em tiger!
finals week likes to dig deep into your soul & try & convince you otherwise.  but don't let it get to you. because:
{via: tumblr}

we can & we will.

& just so you all know, I love ya. a lot. 
so if your feeling stressed, or down in the dumps, or just disgruntled with the world, (it totally happens, & it is normal) don't let it keep you bogged down to long.

dance around your room with a hairbrush, sing super loud in the shower, or make an acceptance speech in your mirror. (awards i've imaginatively accepted? well, just last week i sent my overachieving older siblings an email with the subject line of "& i would like to thank the pulitzer prize board..." i'm a total dork.)

but if those hijinks don't seem to boost your spirits, 
check out this awesome site: 
it will so make you smile. ; )

my favorite post as of late?
this brilliance. cause it's totally true.


p.s. this edition of finals countdown is going to be full of stories, laughter, tears & straight from the heart moments. it's going to be rocking. ; )
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  1. love love love this post! and i totally needed. also daily pep talk from a best friend is my favorite! i send them via text to my friend everyday so great! :) goodluck with finals!

  2. oh anna, you always seem to post the right thing at the right time! just got home from a scarring day at work, and this was a sight for sore eyes. :) thank you thank you thank you.

  3. this is such a happy blog i love it :)
    finals are such a pain in the bum! all the best for yours!

  4. I had my last final today, and oh boy! I feel like I was born again. YAY to freedom!!!

    Good luck on your final love
    Can't wait to hear your stories


  5. i love singing and dancing in my living room. that's a fantastic suggestion! and just this morning i gave the acceptance speech for my award for best new indie actress. i was so nervous! :)

    as for finals - yeah, you can do it! ra-ra-ra!

  6. you are such a lovely ray of sunshine, my love. <3 you're gonna change the world one day soon. i know it. (: you have got so much goodness and love in you.

  7. My favorite pep talk:

    Hope you're rockin the finals and not missing the Kansan too bad

  8. Can a Jayhawk truly use the line "go get 'em tiger" with gusto? I think not. Let's find another term....


    I'll get back to you on that. In the meantime, lots of luck and cheer for your finals!

  9. Hey girl,
    I’m doing a Christmas card swap at my blog and would love to have you join in :)


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