Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis.

Esther Smith: I’m going to let John Truett kiss me tonight.
Rose Smith: Esther Smith.
Esther Smith: Well, if we’re going to get married, I may as well start it.
Rose Smith: Nice girls don’t let men kiss them until after they’re engaged. Men don’t want the bloom rubbed off.
Esther Smith: Personally, I think I have too much bloom. Maybe that’s the trouble with me.
Ester Smith: Meeting him across the lawn for the first time would be so ordinary. I don't want to be just introduced to him. I want it to be something strange and romantic and something I'll always remember.
Rose Smith: Oh, Es, isn't he simply enchanting? And so mature! 
Esther Smith: Well, how did it happen? Where did you meet?   
Rose Smith: I was coming out of the shop and he was coming in. We bumped into each other! 
Esther Smith: Accidentally? 
Rose Smith: Almost!
Esther Smith: ... It's our last dance in St. Louis. I feel like I'm going to cry.
'Tootie' Smith: No, you can't! You can't do any of the things that I can do in St. Louis!
Esther Smith: No, no, Tootie, you're wrong. New York is a wonderful town. Everybody dreams about going there, but we're luckier than lots of families because we're really going. Wait till you see the nice new home we're going to have, and the loads and loads of new friends we're going to make. But the main thing is, Tootie, that we're all going to be together, just like we've always been. That's what really counts. We could be happy anywhere as long as we're together.
John: [after proposing to Esther] I wouldn't have said it, Esther, if I'd thought it would make you cry.
Esther: [crying] I've imagined you saying it thousands of times. And I always planned exactly how I'd act. I never planned to cry.
John: Well, at least you didn't laugh...I never asked a girl to marry me before...
Esther: John, nobody could have done it more beautifully. I'm very proud.
John: Esther, will you? Will you, Esther?
Esther: Of course I will, John.
All photos found via google images & tumblr.
I had never seen Meet Me in St. Louis until tonight and I now absolutely love it! It is such a romantic movie & simply perfect for the holidays.
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  1. I was so excited to see this post after seeing your tweet! I pretty much have this movie memorized :) It's so beautiful, simple and means so much to me. It was my great-grandmas favorite movie and we would watch it together (in St. Louis). She passed away the day before Thanksgiving this year, so it's been extra emotional and extra special when I watch it. Okay, I need to stop being so personal in your comment section now.. just know that this is a very special post for me :)

  2. when i was younger i would sleepover at my fathers aunts house (she was like an extra grandmother) and wed watch old movies including this one. and it was always one of my favorites i can still hear her singing the song meet me in st. louis in my head. this was such a wonderful post and it makes me miss her so much but also i now have to watch it!

  3. i have always loved that movie but i haven't watched it in years! the dialogue totally brought me back and i am going to watch it asap! thanks!

  4. there is a reason why this film is on my top10 christmas films post :)

  5. there is a reason why this film is on my top10 christmas films post :)

  6. i just have no words over how much i downright lurve this. it definitely turned my night around :) especially the bloom quote. it kills me, i tell you! :)

  7. I am so excited you all love it, too!

    It reminds me of my grandmother(s), as well! & totally makes me wish i had lived back then - love seemed so much simpler!

    hugs to you all!

  8. THIS is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time!! I LOOOVE when she sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!" I get chills when I hear it!

  9. Aw my family and I always watched this together :) You've made me so excited that now I'm hunting through the guide to see when it will be on today!!

    <3 you friend.

  10. I love this movie. :) Thanks for sharing. Your blog always makes me smile.

  11. yes, such a lovely lovely film!!

  12. I've seen this movie several times -- my parents own it -- and I love it too. Judy Garland is so precious in it. :) I'm so glad you got to watch it and enjoyed it! Merry Christmas, Anna!

  13. I've been so behind on blogging lately with my computer gone but I just watched this movie last night. almost made me cry out of sentimentality. I love old movies. and you captured some of my favorite moments :-)

  14. Meet Me In St. Louis is one of my favourite MGM musicals. I love all the seasons, especially, Autumn and Winter. I love the Halloween scene and the Christmas dance scene. Love all the songs, 'Have Yourself A Merry Christmas.' is lovely and Judy Garland had an amazing voice! I watch this film every Christmas Eve and it makes me feel warm and cosy! xx


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