Wednesday, December 1, 2010

daydreaming of Scotland.

 {via: flickr.}
a month from saturday i will embark on my second international journey. (see journey #1 here.)   
a month from saturday i will begin brave, exciting travels all by myself.  
a month from saturday I will fly across the big blue pond to a land i've dreamed of since i was a little girl.  
a month from saturday i will run off a plane, greeting my great friend helen for the very first time.  

a month from saturday my Scotland-ten-day-extravaganza begins.

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  1. That is amazing! I have always wanted to travel to Scotland--maybe one day! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip. :)

  2. EEEE! So exciting! I love solo adventures, they are the best. Hands down~ I've been on three this past year and this is making me itch and reach for my debit card... and the travelocity website... :)

    So excited to hear of your adventures! Have a ball :)


  3. Yayy this is so exciting!! Take lots of pictures :)

  4. You're going to have an amazing time!!! I've heard lovely things about Scotland. :-)

  5. ooh, have fun! I love that photo you posted too! :)

    xo, gina

  6. LUCKY! i'm in love with scotland.

  7. So exciting! Tell us more! Why are you going and where are you staying and how and when and ohhh! Be sure to wear something warm. Or carry a flask.

  8. oh how wonderful! I hope it's everything you've dreamed of... xx


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