Monday, November 15, 2010

{Quote of the Week.}

week {neunundneunzig};

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If you’re feeling frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path towards happiness, don’t waste time with regret. Spin wildly into your next action. Enjoy the present, each moment, as it comes; because you’ll never get another one quite like it. And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart… where your hope lives. You’ll find your way again.”  -via.
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  1. You couldn't have posted this at a better time. I get extremely anxious about the future. I over think the transition from college to grad school and then to the real world and the things that will or won't happen, it's quite frustrating but I should be embracing this uncertainty.

  2. This is such a wonderful post exactly on my birthday. :)
    Perfect timing also with my singing class coming up and my IELTS exam. *hugs*

  3. sooo lovely!! perfect timing my dear!

  4. What a beautiful quote! Thank you :)

  5. Great quote. I needed this tonight.

  6. What a perfect quote for this time of the year with exams etc coming up.
    We did a post featuring your blog if you want to check it out, hope you like it!!

    xx S

  7. Somehow... you find a way to post just what I need to hear. Thank you my friend :)


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