Sunday, November 21, 2010

apologies for today's (lack of) sunday sweets.

{a sleepy patrick the poodle. 11/16/2010.}

dear friends-   

i hope your weekend was amazing!  mine was busy, busy & i find myself swamped in to-dos at the moment.  unfortuantely, i'm coming down with some sort of sickness that is causing some severe exhaustion.  because of this i wasn't able to compile a sunday sweets post for today.  : ( so sorry, Loves.  
but, you can check out the archive of sweets here

hugs & many apologies,

p.s. my nieces' had an alice in wonderland gala this weekend for their birthdays! it was epic.
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  1. aw don't stress about your blog! that pup pic is so cute :)

  2. The Alice in Wonderland pictures are lovely. Have a nice week :)

  3. oh no worries at all my dear. take care of yourself and get better soon! especially in time for that giant dinner & desserts that hopefully await you on thursday.

    also, the alice in wonderland party looks so cute!!!


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