Thursday, October 7, 2010

list of little things: {when i grow up}...

Laura has a great series called: list of little things
today she did {dream jobs}.(by the way, i love that she put 'anything for oprah.' haha! oh, oprah.)
here are a few of 
my dream jobs:
1.  writer for television comedies.
2.  Real Simple writer/ More magazine writer/ Anna magazine (yeah! it's totally fate.) writer.
3.  creator of crayola crayon names.
5.  work for kate spade.
6.  tina fey's best friend.
7.  kindergarten teacher in Germany.
8.  professional blogger.
9. work for twitter, google or etsy.
10. mamma & wife. (ok, i totally know it's cheesy. but it's the truth.)


p.s. i definitely want to work somewhere where i can dress in amazingly happy outfits everyday. (also, see above photo.)

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  1. Lovely list, specially #10.
    Mama & wife are definitely on my list as well. Some people might consider it cheesy and corny but those who have family values will totally relate with you.

  2. yay! and ps your portfolio site looks UH-MAY-ZING. well done, friend, well done!! i'd hire you :) xo!

  3. great list. your posts always make me smile.

  4. I love this list. Great aspirations!

  5. I agree with everything on that list. Although I'd have to add astronought.

  6. crayola crayon name creator wins

  7. oh my gosh, you'd be so great at all of those jobs! tina would be a much better person if she made you her best friend. :)

  8. aha, tina's best friend made me laugh! i love thinking about my dream job - working with Jenna Lyons at JCrew perhaps? ;)

  9. Great post!! those are great dream jobs; they all sound interesting!

    by the way, I gave you a blog award! you can see it on my blog:

    xo, gina

  10. this is cute! haha.
    i love all of them...esp number 3! that would be so much fun :)

    check mine/follow me?

  11. I love this list!

    I came by your blog the other day and now I can't stop reading it. It inspires me and makes me happy. Thanks for your sweet stories!


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