Thursday, September 2, 2010

natalie update: 1.

{julia, natalie, carolyn. june 2010.}
Natalie's surgery went well! 
After four hours of surgery we were happy to hear from my sister, keeping us updated all day long with the progress. 

natalie is doing pretty good, just having a lot of pain, as expected. 
how i wish i could take her pain & make it mine.  i would in a heartbeat.

we continue to pray & hope that she will be back to her sassy self in no time! : )

Your support means the world to us, you have no idea.  

We are so blessed & send You lots of Love & thanks.

p.s. my sister Katie is keeping her blog updated as well.
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  1. Yay!! So glad to hear she is doing well. She will continue to be in my prayers as she recovers. Thanks for the update!!

  2. i've been following along and i haven't commented but i just wanted to let you know she's in my prayers and thoughts! xo

  3. hooray for your little natalie! it's hard to see her still in pain, but it'll probably be downhill from here. i'll keep sending my thoughts your way!

  4. so happy to hear that she is fine! <3
    stay strong, sweets.

  5. So happy to hear that about your niece :-)

    God is good!


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