Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Sweet 1.

a memo for You, darlings: my sister & her hubby both happen to work the same weekend once a month, so i keep watch over their babes while they work.  seeing as how they live an hour away i just stay the weekend at their house.  so... this really stinks due to the fact i can't get a moment for the internet or my sunday sweets!  
so, i decided to do one sunday sweet on these weekends, & make them extra sweet. ; ) 
this week's sweet are the beautiful vows of Kestrin & Jonathan featured on the beautiful blog of feather love photography.
J: I vow to love you
K: I vow to love you
J: to respect you
K: to always make fun
J: to be your best friend ever
K: to constantly generate a force field of awesome to guide and protect us
J: to do what I love
K: to actively maintain our relationship
J: to be lucky
K: to live a charmed life
J: to live as long as possible
K: to ask nicely for what i need
J: to communicate my feelings effectively
K: to live a life of hilarious bliss together
J: to provide for you
K: to solve problems
J: to make time for you every single day
J: to remain curious
K: to stand by my man
J: to put our relationship first
K: to build a community around us
J: to build a family life together
K: to give you babies
J: to change the diapers on those babies
K: to be great parent
J: to sing with you in the morning
K: to give you shoulder rubs, intermittently, for as long as we both shall live
J: to remember how lucky I am
K: to rock out with our great grandchildren
J: to take you on one hundred honeymoons
K: to maintain a menagerie
J: to clean up
K: to sing songs to you
J: to speak for you when you sing your voice out
K: to throw radical parties
J: to be faithful to you
K: to take joy in doing nice things for you
J: to be compassionate
K: to be devoted
J: to be committed
K: to be happy
J: to Listen to you
K: to support you
J: to stay with you forever
K: Do you vow to be my husband?
J: I do. Do you vow to be my wife?
K: I do.
via: feather love photography.
how intimate & sincere?
sweet sweet sweet! 
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  1. this are beautiful. i almost teared up reading them. what a unique and loving way to do wedding vows!

  2. Hi... u r on my blog today! :)

  3. Oh, I love it!
    So honest and beautiful.

  4. i'm so glad you posted this! this is sorta what our vows are like. how sweet and inspirational for the week before my wedding! :)

  5. I love that these are so honest and said in their own language... I laughed out loud when I got to "constantly generate a force field of awesome". Thank you for sharing this!


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