Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Life, Love & coincidences.

did you ever notice the way a stranger's smile can turn your bad day around?
how much sweeter reunions are, the longer you've been apart.
how much you appreciate warm weather in the winter, and cool weather in the summer.
how great it feels to relax after a week of going non-stop.

life is weird like that.  but in the same way, life is beautiful like that

and i think it is the same for Love.
the more you hold Love in, the less Loved you feel.
the more you let yourself Love, the more Love you experience.
the more you Love, the harder you sometimes fall.
but most importantly...

the harder you fall for the wrong Love, the more you open yourself up for the right Love.

and when you fall for the right one, you are forever held by the wings of Love, never allowing you to fall again.

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  1. "if you hold her back she may never know what could have been"... um... obsessed. but seriously. too perfect!!

  2. beautiful words, sweetie. <3 (:

  3. this is the loveliest thing i've read in a while. thank you:)

  4. well written,

    "the harder you fall for the wrong Love, the more you open yourself up for the right Love"

    This is so true although the healing process is torturous

  5. That is beautiful and very, very true. <3

  6. beautiful words, miss anna. love this :)

  7. i love this! seriously making me think. your posts have a way of doing that to me. :)


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