Tuesday, September 7, 2010

natalie update: happiness.

{natalie.monday sept.6. 2010.}
we fetched miss natalie, & her mamma & daddy, up at the airport monday morning. my heart was giddy to see her run up to us to say "hello"- she RAN up to us!! 

needless to say, she is happy, healthy & back to her old sassy self.  
we keep our hopes high for her MRI check-up, in a few months,back in Dallas.  

we cannot thank you enough for your prayers & encouraging support. 
we are so blessed for having You all in our lives.
with Love & so many thanks- Anna.
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  1. that's wonderful news! im so happy for you and your family! i hope the mri check-up goes well xx

  2. Aww this is WONDERFUL news! :)

  3. YAAAAY! So happy for you & Natalie & your family!! :) :)

  4. warms my heart on this cold and cloudy wednesday! So glad she's doing well!


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