Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my new found Love.

I am in Love with this hat I just ordered from this sweet etsy shop.
I can hardly wait to wear it this winter-- though some says it is a bit much. 
but, as the beloved Shakespeare once said:   Boldness be my friend.


p.s. kate spade & shabby apple suggest bright pops of color are in this fall/winter, woohoo!
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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this!! stunning! =)

  2. I love how the white flowers compliment the red hat! and the shiny centre of the flower


  3. oh oh oh do i love it! you'll rock it fabulously, my friend :)

  4. I love that hat. Boldness = awesome :)

  5. Aw! I love it!! It's so pretty!! I love the color and the lovely flower! You are going to look super cute!

  6. amen to what Shakespeare said. such a cute and eye catching hat! <3

  7. So, I don't want to come across as super creepy...but I just stalked your blog for the past three hours and I think we could be best friends. :)

    Some of the pictures you find are so beautiful and inspiring. I just couldn't stop looking!

    Plus, I love that you have beautiful faith and love in God.

  8. Beautiful hat for a beautiful girl! I was dying for a winter hat with a big flower on it this past winter, and since I couldn't find one, I sewed a knit flower onto a knit beret. It worked wonderfully, but should I require one in another color, I can now use this Etsy shop. Thanks!

    I can just see that hat with a fuzzy, cream-colored scarf....

  9. Shakespeaare adds purpose, meaning and justification to anything. Thanks be to God for the art that he created with the English language.

  10. There's no such thing as too much when it comes to beauty... and that is a fabulous hat.


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