Thursday, September 30, 2010

Links of Love. part I.

thank you so much for your sweet encouragement in response to my last post. it means so much to have such sweet friends. & to those of you expressing a feeling of similar dismay... you are constantly in my thoughts & i'm sending you big hugs!  

(we can all totally get through the current junk in our lives. especially with the support of each other... which you have mine, one-million percent.) 

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  1. i absolutely LOVED this post! thank you so much those links were great :)

  2. This was a lovely link post--thank you!

  3. Oh Anna, that photo has reminded me that I REALLY want those books! They're books I already have, but look at the editions!!!!

  4. Hello, I just wanted to say you have the most adorable and inspirational blogs ever. Rarely I can find a blog that makes me feel SO good about being me (it's the quote of the day thing :D) and so proud of having a blog (and being a part of all this) and that is at the same time so honest and funny and just lovely.
    You seem like a truly beautiful person.

  5. Can I please tell you how much I love your blog?

  6. thank you so much for these, sweetpea. <3 you're such an inspiration. (:

  7. WOW! Earlier this year, a friend showed me the 10 words to delete from your vocabulary link, and I've had them written on my board at school since then. It's a great reminder!


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