Wednesday, September 8, 2010

introducing: Leo.

[christopher & rachel with Leo. September 2010.]
[Christopher & Leo. September 2010.]
 [julia, noah, carolyn, Leo, & nathan. september 2010.]
[sleepy Leo. september 2010.]

How stinkin' adorable is my brother & sister-in-law's new pup, Leo?
I am slightly obsessed with his super soft fur & clumsiness.  Poor guy, his paws are twice his size!
He will soon outgrow his cage & bed & become one big pup-like this- a giant cuddlebug!

(pssst thanks to rachel & katie for the perfect pictures!)
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  1. awww he is soo cute!!! That lil face!! =)

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  2. ah he is SO SO cute!!!!! :) love his name too!

  3. Ahhhh!! i want him! he is soooooo cute! I love when their faces are wrinkled like that- they always look worried! haha. It makes me want to get a dog. One day...

  4. I hate to use this but its the only thing that describes it, OMG! So cute!

  5. ADORABLE!!! i totally want one! the fiance just told me i couldn't have one until we're ready for a roommate because we'd have to get an extra bedroom for it. sigh...

  6. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh so cute!!! Hugs to you! And what a cute pup I can't get over him!

  7. oh my cute is he!?!??! love all those photos of the kiddos and the puppy :).

  8. clumsy puppies are freaking adorable! he is so cute.

  9. awe - little Leo-beo :-)you should cove over for the plaza art fair and hang out with him! :-)

    rach -


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