Wednesday, August 4, 2010

on this day i know...

even receiving Lego flowers can make a girl's heart swell.
hugs from your nieces & nephews will always help cure any heartbreak. 
Angels do guide us everyday, every minute of our lives. 
breaking-up, even if it is mutual & caring, is so, so hard.
the friends i have made blogging are amazingly wonderful.
my sisters really do know what's best for me when it comes to certain things.
i have the best friends a girl could have.
laughter really is the best way to get over something. (read: visit this website.)


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  1. Cute post, and I agree, flowers of any kind are always wonderful! LOVING that photo!! I love a yummy pretzel like that too!!

  2. i love this. and yes. it's still hard. even if you know its for the better. its still hard.

  3. And pretzels solve a lot. I think. :)

    Happy Wednesday friend.

  4. I don't know if I have ever commented before, But I read your blog all the time. And I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. aww, so sweet and very true! break ups are never easy but time, friends and laughter sure help!!!

  6. break-ups are hard, but itll get easier... hugs xx

  7. breakups suck and they're mega lame, but i'm sure very soon you'll feel better. and someday you'll find someone perfect for you, who appreciates you and loves you like crazy!!

  8. hey sweetie!
    i hope you are ok.
    your posts, as always, are delightful.
    josslynn nicole

  9. i am so thankful for such great friends like you ladies. it makes my heart giddy!

    love you all so much!


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