Friday, July 30, 2010

Wanderlust Fashion: Mexico City.

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  1. Anna, I have been such a bad blog friend not commenting on your lovely posts lately! I've been loving these Wanderlust fashion posts though. Such great ensembles! They make me want to travel right now so I can wear such cute clothes. :-)

    What color is that OPI, btw? Heart it. It would be so cute on summer toes peeking out of sandals.

  2. I have been slow on commenting as well--time seems to go twice as fast in the summertime!

    Thanks for your sweet compliments (i was afraid people would thing i was making each collection to "cliche"...but hey, what can you do. : )

    i am pretty sure the nail polish is from Opi's summer flutter collection & it is called "flit a bit"... i adore it!


  3. This is darling! I love the colors. And the little rose ring matching the dress, how cute!

    I don't think I've commented on your blog yet, so hi! It's so lovely here. (:

  4. Cute! ...but those heels would break in a second on the uneven streets of Mexico City!


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