Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Smiles for the Birthday Girl.

Today we celebrated my darling niece Natalie's fourth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with my immediate family.  Natalie's actual birthday is tomorrow, but she must have a few tests done at the hospital- so we celebrated a wee bit early. (You can read about that here & here.  I haven't been able to write about it in a coherent manner yet.  I am not nearly as strong as my big sisters... i admire them.)

So today i leave you with happy moments captured on a very happy day.
  (and if you could, please send happy thoughts & prayers to my brave sister & her baby girl tomorrow.  Hopefully we will be out of the woods soon!)
 & for an extra chuckle or two... me & my big sisters. <3.
 [katie, me, emily. july 2010.]
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  1. Looks like a lovely day. I will be thinking of your niece. Sending good thoughts to your family.

  2. She's so cute! Happy fourth birthday, Natalie :)

    My prayers to your family- I hope she'll be alright after the tests, and that she is safe and healthy!

  3. Natalie WILL be okay and she's going to come out of this with flying colours! Just you wait and see.

    I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese in such a long time! Actually, I don't think I remember what I did there the last time I went. Hope it was super fun! :)


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