Tuesday, July 20, 2010

miracles of Love.

i just saw animals in the womb: dogs & cats, last sunday.  it simply blew my mind.  i found the images of the dolphin & elephant when reading more about the series on NationalGeographic.com.  Have you seen it?!  If not, it is definitely worth a rental.  

Life is pretty beautiful. 

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  1. i gasped when i saw this and i'm on my way to national geographic right now. life IS beautiful. :)

  2. amazing, this is fantastic. can't wait to rent it. thanks for the recommendation! love your blog!

  3. Wow, the dolphin embrio is gorgeous! Look at it. It's smiling even in the womb. What a wonderful animal.

    The elephant baby is as cute. I just can't imagine having an elephant in a belly. Hahahahaha.


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