Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Dear: You.] [ From: Me.] ... post card address keeper freebie!

oh, computers.  you've confused me to pieces yet again...
i finally did it. i have been throwing the idea around a lot lately; but i finally did it.   

i made a freebie for your printing pleasures:
because keeping track of friends' addresses gets tough...& who doesn't love receiving a good ole fashioned postcard?!

i am officially clueless as to converting my xps's to pdf's & yadda yadda yadda's...
but you can download the image from this link & print away! (it is designed to be cut in half, leaving each around the size as an index card.)


p.s. i promise to learn soon so it's easier in the future! : )
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  1. ha-ha you are so cute!! :) Thanks for the freebie!!

  2. Based on how often some of my GOOD friends ask for my address, I think I'm the only person who keeps an old fashioned, little letter flaps on the side, write it down, address book. And I've had it for yeeeeeears. I write in pencil so when people move, I just erase and re-enter. :) Your cards are adorable.

    Happy Wednesday.


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