Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my big brother got married!

all of my nieces & nephews were adorable flower girls & ring bearers!
& the newlyweds were stunningly gorgeous!
we are so happy for our brother- & our new sister, of course!
after the beautiful ceremony we attended the amazing reception-best party ever!
the celebration continued well throughout the night...everyone had a blast.
by the end of the day some of us were tuckered out- sleepy, but oh so very happy.

congratulations christopher & rachel!

see more sweet photos here.
& a hilarious video of my cousins 
geoff & jon dancing at the reception here.

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  1. How exciting! Congrats to the newlyweds.

  2. These photos are great!! You and your siblings are adorable! xo

  3. Congrats!!!! This looks like it was a blast. Made me smile right away and beautiful pictures :)

    Hope xx

  4. GREAT photos!! and congrats to your brother!! :)

  5. I loved those pictures of your nieces and nephews when Katie posted them on her blog. Too cute. Love the girls' dresses!

    And Rachel's veil is GORGEOUS! I love the trim. You look quite sassy, Anna, in that satin dress, if I must say!

  6. oh i just love the last photo and the first few of our neices and nephews. what a cute family!! weddings are the best, i'm going to another one this weekend.

  7. pretty sure our church has the same alter! cute photos.
    love her veil!

  8. These pictures remind me of why I love weddings.


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