Wednesday, June 23, 2010

two poodles & an iphone.

a week ago my mom proudly presented me her new iphone.  it is awesome.  i snapped the photos above of my two poodles: left: lucy & right: patrick.  (and yes, that on the right is, indeed, a poodle. though she looks much more like a hamster in a bandanna.) 

my mom has yet to learn how to change the volume of the ringtone or even log contacts, but don't worry world, she has already programed solitaire and bejeweled into it.  1zillion apps & she sticks to two games. 

oh, mom- she's a silly one. but oh, how i love her.

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  1. OMG your mom sounds just like mine!!! lol she just got a Droid though, and she is obsessed with downloading games but doesn't bother to try and learn how to use the actual phone...gotta love 'em! :)


  2. gahhhhhh!!! an apricot toy poodle!loveeeee! i have one of my own :) and grew up with a black standard!

    love your blog!!

  3. My Dad has an Iphone but I don't.. all he uses it for is calls though and I'm like "Dad, there is so much possibilty!!"


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