Sunday, May 30, 2010

week 39.

1.  alas, summer is here!-
& this picture makes me
want to spend the whole season
outdoors in the sunshine!

2.  what an
awesome illustration.
i love the look 
she is making &
that yellow dress!

3.  this baby is absolutely 
precious.  &
i'm smitten with
the clever onesies!

4. will forever
have my heart &
this hair clip/brooch is
my new favorite.
 i want it in every color!!

5.  i'm in love with big
hats, red lipstick &
bright dresses--basically
everything about
this gorgeous photo
what a perfect summer look.

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  1. what a gorgeous baby!! and i love those hair clips.


  2. I LOVE the dress in photo #4. I'm so glad it is summer, too! :)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Oh I wonder where that swimsuit is from!! Any guesses?? I love the color. Hope all is lovely lady!! XO

  4. Anna, have you read the Kelle Hampton blogs? If not, here's the link: I just LOVE her photography and writing...her outlook on life is well documented in her words. If your Mom hasn't read this, please share -- especially her blog on the birth of Nella. It's truly the story of a mother's love. Spot on. Happy Memorial Day!

    Mrs. M.

  5. YES, that first picture makes me want to spend all my free time in the sun as well. I love THE beaCH!

  6. I'm all about yellow. All over it. And I used to abhor the color.

  7. I love these! Your Sunday Sweets are always something I look forward to, bestie!

  8. I need that yellow dress illustration for my summer inspired art wall! damn i wish i had 1 ounce of artistic ability.
    pretty choices!

  9. aaaaah! completely drooling over that bikini top! :) it seems like it would make you feel like a bond girl in a heartbeat.

  10. so pretty! i've been in love with all things summer too! it's cold here in SF, but come august 1, i'll be living in l.a. where i can actually have fun in the sun. swoon! :)

  11. gorgeous outfit at the bottom! I wish i could be so stylish.

  12. Your choices are always so wonderful and never fail to make me feel happy. Once again, fabulous!

  13. Wish I looked like that in red lipstick!


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