Tuesday, May 11, 2010

day two.

math + me = badnewsbears.
so after i finished my final math test of my LIFE last week i squealed with happiness.
an ode to math.

dear math.
i hate you more than cats hate baths.

we got along up until long division-

then we had a major collision.

don't get me wrong some like you swell,

but to be honest, you make me yell.

to others you really seem to inspire-

but for me to agree, would make me a liar.

so i bid you farewell, our journey is over-

as for me missing you,

there's a better chance of me someday driving a moon rover.

so goodbye old math, don't worry about me-

you'll still be very well thought of by the rest of my family.

with love and thanks a bunch,

but seriously, don't worry about keeping in touch.


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  1. Hahahha that's great! lol
    I feel the same way about math :\

  2. My sentiments exactly too! It's the worsttttttt. Bu woo, it's over for you :D

  3. Yeah no more math for you!!!
    I keep my fingers crossed for your finals!

  4. Haha, I blogged a finals poem last week, too!

    Congrats on having math behind you forever!

  5. this post is one big culmination of why i adore you. <3

  6. Hahaha, that poem is EVERYTHING I feel about math too!!
    Congrats on finishing with the subject!! :)

  7. haha, this is the cutest math poem i've ever read! yay for being finished!! i remember the day i finish calculus forever ... such a great feeling. you'll never use that stuff anyway!! hehe

  8. I really enjoy your blog! I found it through Yes and Yes. Congrats on your last math final! Natasha from Today's Gift: http://days-of-natasha.blogspot.com/

  9. hahaha ahhhhh, love it! :D

    too bad i failed math last semester so i have to take it again. otherwise it would have been the last time i see it.

  10. Oh you are so like me ... Math and I have always had a love hate relationship. Just when I would think I understood something bam an exam and well hmm my grade never reflected what I thought I knew. Any who ... YAY for being done with Math ... the day I finished with all my math classes I wanted to take a trip somewhere, or just grab a bottle of champagne and make a toast. Sending you a hug and much much love XO!

  11. this is the greatest thing ever!!!!

  12. i have always hated maths (please excuse me writing the s, in britain thats what we call it, so its weird for mr to write math lol!!)... so i can totally sympathise!

    keep smiling xoxo

  13. i just came across your blog and i love it! it's great to come across other students who blog :)

  14. I love your ode to math! I think I do hate it about the same amount as my cat hates baths. I came across your blog through another blog and, as a new blogger, I think it is very inspiring :)



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