Wednesday, May 12, 2010

day three.

this semester i had to take the course First Amendment & Society. the amount of information i learned in this class was incredible.
though it was at 8am, i really enjoyed every lesson. i could hardly believe how much i didn't know about the importance of the U.S. first amendment, and how much i tend to take it for granted.
[notes notes & more notes.]
it's a fascinating amendment which brings up a plethora of tricky cases and i loved analyzing each of them. so much that for 1.3 seconds i seriously considered going to law school...but then i saw something shiny...
here are some of my favorite quotes on the freedom of speech--

“I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking.”-Woodrow T. Wilson.

“The only way to make sure people you agree with can speak is to support the rights of people you don't agree with.”-Eleanor Holmes Norton.

this graphic on the current state of the freedom of the press in the world is astounding.
i never even realized how lucky i am to be able to participate in my desired career as a journalist/writer--while some attempting the same face substantial punishment and censorship.
so i sign off this post the same way my professor did in our last email: have a good day & "remember to stand up for free expression".
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  1. Andrew and I took a class based just on the free exercise clause this past semester, and I have to agree- this tricky little sentence certainly makes your head spin :)

  2. I know how you feel about that 8am class. I felt the same way about the sports journalism class I took second semester my senior year: three days at week at 8am. Who does that in their last semester? I never regretted it. I learned so much in that class and really proved something to myself.

    Yay for the First Amendment and journalism!

  3. Anna,
    oh my gosh this post made me miss being inspired & in college so much. I loved learning about that stuff too ... and that quote from Woodrow Wilson is so legit.

  4. "I enjoyed every lesson"... we need more people who say that!

  5. wow, that map is pretty enlightening. i agree, free speech is a precious freedom we have, which so many people don't appreciate. i love the Norton quote about supporting the rights of people you don't agree with. it's so true.

    and you're almost done with school!!! woo-hoo!! :)

  6. ah! i had to take a class similar to this, but it involved memorizing a ton of supreme court cases. most of which were about freedom of speech/the establishment clause/free exercise. sooooo glad to be done. XD
    glad all went well for you too.


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