Monday, April 26, 2010

week 35.

1. one of my
very favorite blogs
le love featured
this adorable photo
last week with
an equally sweet graphic.
i love it!

2. this photo from
"signs of spring"
gallery stole my heart.
how silly & cute!

3. i love this simple
chic & clever tote
i can't figure out
where i can buy one.
it would be so fun to have!

4. this cheery print
could brighten
any space-
not to mention
your mood!

5. this awesome

makes me swoon.
that would be so fun!


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  1. I love this post. The Amelie inspired photos are my favourite! Happy Monday!! :)

  2. aww, i love the adorable couple from le love. so cute!

  3. For the purse- just find a plain purse similar to it & take it to ACME. They can print the text on there for you!

  4. My favorite film ... EVER AND ALWAYS!! Those bears are too cute. Sending you a hug. xo

  5. The photo is beautiful-- it does what (in my opinion) the best photos do-- tells a story.

    Also love the tote and photoshoot inspired by Amelie. It's one of my favorite films ever. The Alamo Drafthouse here in Ausitn often puts on Film & Food events that feature amazing menus that tie in to a specific film. They put on Amelie a few years ago, and if they ever do it again, I'm going to make sure I get a ticket! Bon appetit!

  6. your sunday sweets ALWAYS make me smile :)

    I love that little sign. and the bears. and the tote the most!

  7. as usual, i loved everything in this entry.
    especially the bears.

  8. i love le love! and those cute little bear cubs!

  9. I, too, love your Sunday sweets (even if by the time I get to read it's Tuesday afternoon) xoxo

  10. this tote is really cute...but I am shure you can make it by yourself! It´s definitively a great idea and would be a nice present for friends...
    A lovely blog do you have! Wish you a very nice day today! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein


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