Sunday, April 18, 2010

week 34.

1. i hope my closet
will one day be filled
with outfits as
adorable as this one!

2. i had a really fun time
working on this craft
over the weekend!

i am excited to hang them
in my room & perhaps
use them as decor for some
upcoming bridal showers...
: )

3. wow! check out
this clever & sweet
birthday gift

4. flowers wrapped
in newspaper
will forever
make me swoon.

5. this is such
a great postcard--
i wish they had
it as a print!

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  1. we sell those vivienne westwood shoes at the shop i work in, theyre so beautiful and they smell of bubblegum! But the slingbacks make them almost impossible to walk in!

  2. I am so totally going to do the "text" gift. isn't that clever?

  3. I thought the year of texts book was a sweet gift too!

    And, I think I might agree with you about flowers wrapped in newspaper! Never really thought about that before.

    Hope you are doing well, Anna! End of the semester soon? :-)

  4. i need those vivienne westwood shoes. now. so adorable. hehe <3

  5. Come check out the giveaway happening at !!!!! It ends may 1st!!!!!

  6. That was great, thanks Anna :)

    I especially like the stack of a year's worth of texting (what a sweet boyfriend!) and the flowers wrapped in newspaper.

    And those decorative flowers look great :D

  7. Yay flowers in newspaper! Love you, bestie!!

  8. i love the flowers in newspaper! such a pretty idea! xo

  9. i love the pom pom tutorial...thanks for linking! i really want to try this! such a great idea for bridal showers too. :)

  10. Ooh, flowers wrapped in newspaper! I love it when beauty and the everyday are mashed together.

  11. that text message gift is the coolest! what a great guy. and i just made a bunch of those tissue pom poms for my boyfriend's 30th birthday party! they're so easy and cheery!

  12. that text message gift is adorable. those first texts are the best - so equally full of excitement, cuteness, and awkwardness

    : )


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