Tuesday, April 13, 2010

because i'm a girl with glasses, too!

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

this adorable video made my day.

oh, i love you glasses.


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  1. Me too!!! And. I. Love. Your. Blog. XO

  2. i love this vid! <3 it's just so adorable and lovely. <3

  3. I am a girl with glasses! And I love that video!

  4. oh that's really cute! i wore glasses from age 7 to 26, then i got contacts. but i miss them and i need to get a new pair for days when i want to look cuter. 8D

  5. sweet! My 4 1/2 year old son recently got glasses...... he's not yet so convinced on loving them yet. :-)

  6. Hello Anna!
    I wear glasses too.And i recently started to love them.Anyway, i found this video last week and still love it.Great music and style...and message, of course.However, wanting to change things a little bit i bought lenses this spring.The first think i said was :"oh, i've always wanted to be able to see without glasses".and they are a great alternative from time to time.however, i understand your point of view too.glasses are beautiful and already part of my personality.

  7. omg, this video is the cutest!!!

  8. You always hvae something to cheer me up on your blog! XD

    Thanks for following my new one! I appreciate it! I hope I don't let you down!

  9. i love this video and i love your blog =D i wear glasses too >.<


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