Wednesday, January 6, 2010

memories of the sea...

Last weekend I ate dinner with my grandpa allen & my dad. I listened to old stories about when my grandpa was in the navy & his escapades as a seashore patrolman & the time he spent at sea. It was so fascinating-- I can only imagine how fun my grandparents would have been to have as friends.

I adore the pictures of him in his navy uniform... how sweet is the one of my grandma & him?! How beautiful & handsome! : )

I miss my grandma's stories about when she met my grandpa & how she knew he was 'the one'. how romantically wonderful! But I love to hear my grandpa's stories, too! I miss my grandma, but I must say I am so blessed to have my grandpa here to remind us of her love...not that we could ever forget.

I love my family.
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  1. I absolutely feel the same way about my grandparents! They are SO AMAZING and I adore their stories. <3

  2. Gosh, but your dad is handsome!

  3. aww these pictures are precious. I love listening to my grandpa & grandma tell me how they met too & about his time in the army. =)

  4. Oh, your grandparents were adorable!! It must be so wonderful to have the experience of listening to your grandpa's old stories. I never had that with any of my late grandparents, unfortunately.


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