Thursday, January 14, 2010

i wish you love.

Have a happy Friday!
may it be filled with love & peace.

i started back to classes today...
& i think i am ready to get back into the flow of things.
i wrote about a little tip i use here for inspiration.
you should read the cute poems michelle's bf wrote about apples. : )
they made me smile.

also-i got a blog button-- check it out under my archive & feel free to grab one... : )
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  1. Yay for starting classes... you rock!! I started last week and now feel a bit into the swing of things!! I am definitely grabbing a button!! I linked your blog in a post I wrote yesterday called "a year at a glance"... it's linked under love because I love your blog oh so much!! xo

  2. Hey blog friend, I randomly found your blog and I love it! :) Definitely following!

    Keep it up!

  3. good luck in classes!
    and this adorable little picture brightened my day! happy friday to you too!

  4. Hey...good luck with your classes. :) Hope you have a good Friday as well. Hugs!

  5. Great reading tour blog again, back soon. Have fun at school. Mika (

  6. Aw good luck going back to school!! We start back next week! I'm ready to get back into the swing of things too!

  7. You are so sweet, Anna! Good luck this semester! what classes are you taking?

  8. Your blog button is adorable.

    Good luck with classes.

    Getting into the "Swing" of things is the hardest part.


  9. hope your classes went well yesterday! happy friday to you too :)

  10. Getting back to school is AMAZING!
    It's like the entire routine gets back to normal.
    Good luck.

  11. yay! you're the best bestie in the whole wide world!

    have a fantastic weekend.

    also, can we fb chat again on sunday night? can it be a tradition?

  12. happy friday and yay for school! i often miss going to class. and even carrying a backpack. hehe

  13. Hope classes went well!!!
    I moved into my new apt and started classes monday, and it is exactly how you described it, takes a little adjusting, and new schedules make me a little unsettled, but i'm excited! Hope you have a great year!

  14. blue birds are the best! hopefully there are many in haiti right now!!! precious wishes

  15. Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment on my blog!! It made me feel good abt blogging..and I'm also glad to find out that a lot more people feel the way I do about un replied emails/texts! Haha anyway,
    looking forward to read a lot more from you..can't wait to comment and start discussions!

  16. I love this photo in your post! What a cute blog, I'm happy I found it.
    xo, Helen

  17. I think it's fun that you're in classes there and my sister Anna is in classes there. :) I don't know why this little factoid amuses me so.

  18. Ooh, a blog button! I'll add it tonight! xx


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