Thursday, January 7, 2010


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first: i have to admit. i am totally digging britney's new song: 3. it is such a great "anna, get something done today" song! ; ) (and a slight guilty pleasure...)

second: i am so excited to be on or so she says today! i love those ladies & i think their blog is fantastically informative, i have def. found myself bookmarking some of their posts (like this one, and this one) for future reference!

third: check out my new approach to resolutions on my post for buttoned up!... 2010 is going to be a year of new ideas & successes for everyone! i am excited!

happy thursday, sweets!
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  1. I just have to say- this blog is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely LOVE your header, and you seem like a wonderful girl! (or woman. or lady. or whatever you enjoy being called).

    Just checked out your resolutions- very smart. I like the different wordings, and how it allows yourself to have some guilty pleasures and not CANCEL them from your life entirely.

    Thank you for this! :D

  2. Just so you know...I am giving you a round of applause from afar.
    Just because :)

  3. I have heard Brit's new song yet. I'll have to check it out, just because you're loving it! :)

    Happy Thursday to you. It's almost TGIF!!!!

  4. The song 3 is infectious, I will admit... I'd almost venture to say it is a shameful guilty pleasure for myself as well. :| Ha!

  5. 3 is crazy crazy good!

    I can't wait to check out your resolutions and congrats on being mentioned on 'or so she says today'!

  6. Bestieee I'm listening to Britney's song right now thanks to you! Also, when I was hanging out with my friends last night we were talking about blogs we love and decided we'd all email each other our fave blogs today. Yours was numero uno in my email to them!!! <3

  7. Love the photo to this post... your blog is great and I love, love reading it. Enjoy your weekend!! And, I too have a new approach to resolutions... 2010 will be great. xo

  8. You're so cute!! Lady Gaga is my guilty pleasure, but I think I might give Britney's new song a listen now! I hate to admit it, but her music really motivates me to get stuff done too!!

  9. love both your posts on buttoned up & or so she says!

    So perfect, and just the right mood for a saturday.

  10. I love Britney's new song too - I don't admit it much, but honestly it's so addictive, lol!

    And as always, I love your blog. I visit often and you always inspire me to better with my own blog. Just wanted to say thanks :)


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