Friday, July 31, 2009

"we are country mice" tour: lawrence.

{their new album.}
my friend autumn & i went downtown last night to see the band-we are country mice perform. my brother's good friend jason is the guitarist & i've known him since i was in eighth grade. i was so excited that he was coming back to lawrence on their tour, all the way from brooklyn, new york & had invited me to come!
{even though my brother is in houston for the rest of summer.}

jason is hands down one of the nicest, most sincere people you will ever meet & it was great seeing him again after a few years have passed by.
we are country mice is amazing. check them out here.
here is a photo recap of the night.
{me & autumn waiting for the show to commence.}
{the transmittens played before, they were so good!}
and alas, we are country mice began...
sorry my pictures are so terribly fuzzy...
jason's in the plaid.
we had a blast. {even though autumn was tuckered out by we had to leave mid-set.}
but hopefully i'll get to see them play again-- you should, too.

happy weekend, darlings!!
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Bells will ring...The sun will shine..."

{going to the chapel by the dixie cups.}
nick proposed last night!!!
1. nick cleverly bought Liz a purse she had liked & the waitress brought it to them saying their friend "accidentally" forgot it.
2. he then gave Liz an awesome calendar he had made & went through & wrote down every event they had been apart of... ie: they first date, Liz's big track meets, etc. he had her read through all the dates & they reminisced...
3. then she got to july & saw what was written on the 29th!! when she looked up he was down on one knee & popped the big question!! {the ring was strategically placed in the purse!}
{such a cute plan!! nick is so creative!}
& she, of course, said "Yes!"
hooray! congratulations you lovebirds!!

p.s. next summer is going to be a blast with all these weddings!!
like my cousin Julie's!
my brother & Rachel's!
& now...Liz & Nick's!

i can hardly wait!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heidi Klum for German Vogue.

see more here & here.
she is so stunning & classy.
don't you agree??

p.s. i wish i had a copy of this issue!
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{me, july, 2005.}
today i was driving & decided to pop in a mixed cd from 2005. sheesh.-- most random mix of songs i have ever heard in my life.
{of course until i come across another one of my creatiosn...}

  1. james blunt- you're beautiful.
  2. carrie underwood- before you cheat.
  3. everclear- i will buy you a new life.
  4. the foundations- build me up buttercup.
  5. everclear- she's so high above me.
  6. ben fold's five- song for the dumped.
  7. kelly clarkson- since you've been gone.
  8. europe- the final countdown.
  9. three six mafia- gotta stay fly.
  10. natasha bedingfield- unwritten.
i would first like to note the fact that the final countdown was what i blasted on the way to school everyday for a straight month. {and people think i'm a nerd?...}

Upon having found such a ticket to a trip down memory lane... i thought i would share some wonderfully random facts about me at age sixteen.
1. i had my first birthday party in Lawrence, since having moved from Independence.
{my sweet sixteen, 2005.}
2. i was always hanging with anne & molly.
{and we might have been somewhat obsessed with paris hilton & jessica simpson...
don't judge us... we were so young & naive...actually we still love "j-sim".}
{anne, me, molly, winter: 2004.}
3. i was only an aunt of two!! {they look so young!!}
{nathan & carolyn, christmas day 2004.}
4. i left the states for the very first time!
{my friend brendan & me, germany, summer 2005.}
5. i was smitten with Bastian, & him with me.
{eutin, germany 2005.}
6. he sent me my very first love letter : ).
{bastian & me.}
7. my sewing class was obsessed with project runway...we practiced our runway walks. often.
{me, sewing class, 2006.}
8. i met my sweet & still very close friend kelsey.
{me, kelsey, spring 2005.}
9. my brother lived in Lawrence still, so i got to frequent his band shows & parties.
{my brother, in the black shirt, 2005.}
10. i was just as nerdy as i am today.
{me, winter 2005.}

oy. so much has changed, yet so much has stayed the very same.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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take two: sometimes we put on pretend concerts...

sorry for the first take...i messed up the settings. oh, do try again! : )
likes to sing taylor swift.

julia likes to sing songs from "Annie".

& this is an oldie...but ...
Nathan likes to sing "apple bottom jeans" by flo-rida.

i love these little nuggets with
all my heart.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

just a note:

recovering lazyholic came up with these simple, yet ingenious reminders.

i need these.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

{Quote of the Week.}

week {Dreißig};

{my brother & niece, 2007}
A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires. -Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain.
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{sunday sweets will be a weekly feature on some of my favorite web-finds...}

1. paul & martha.

did you know he wrote "Martha My Dear" for his beloved pooch Martha?
p.s. i adore old english sheep dogs... one day i shall have one named Hubert.

this cheery wallpaper
from one of my
new favorites

this adorable video
of a darling french girl

{pictured: left.}with a big imagination.
it is too cute.

4. cute save the dates

from the inspiring

hope you all have had a relaxing weekend...
happy sunday!


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

the pair that got away...

tonight my friend katherine & i had a lovely dinner downtown on mass street.
after grubbing we decided to peek into the Gap.
i knew it was a bad idea
... i fell in love with everything they had
had to
resist buying any ounce of the cuteness.
that's right, i left empty handed & heartbroken.
i was so close to caving & purchasing
those yellow gems with the big happy bow
... sigh...
but, instead: i daydreamed & created the perfect outfit that they would've gone great with...

at least i fought the urge, right?...
i guess that's the good thing about the story.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

have a {fancy} friday.

{via: misshepburn.}

i'm going downtown with my friends & having a {fancy} coffee.
oh how i love paroozing down mass street on friday nights.

what are your plans?!
have fun, loves!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"It’s like I waited my whole life for this one night..."

i saw this & it made me laugh so hard.
it has left me with a permanent smile for the rest of the tonight.
seriously, a must watch... it will definitely make your heart smile.
how fun?!
...i must keep this in mind when plan my wedding someday!!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Oodles of Poodles...}

Patrick & i went for an afternoon stroll downtown & even stopped at McDonald's for a large Dr. Pepper {for me.} & large ice water {for him.} on the way home...
he particularly likes riding in the front seat & jamming to The Beatles.

This evening.

Lucy & i went downtown so that she {too} had a chance to prance about in the unseasonably pleasant weather. we weren't parched enough to justify another McDonald's stop-- but Lucy thoroughly enjoyed riding home with her head out the window--lovin' the fresh air blowing through her curly, apricot locks.

she particularly likes sitting on my lap while in the car & singing along to Taylor Swift.

it was a fun day.

& now we have some very sleepy poodles.


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Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain

Amelie is by far one of my favorite movies--& is one of my favorite soundtracks, have you seen it? if you haven't you should definitely add it to your "must see" list.

i first watched Amelie the summer before my senior year of high school. i had a thing for aimlessly searching shelves at the movie rental place in hopes of finding treasures gone unnoticed. i loved the foreign movie section & ended up watching almost the entire shelf that summer.Amelie happened to be one of those treasures i had searched for... i was immediately hooked {like the first time i watched Grease in kindergarten & proceeded to watch it 10+ times a week}. I love everything about it. its such a beautiful film which captures the heart of any hopeless romantic & dreamer.i hadn't seen it in a while until last saturday... however, i tend to always have the soundtrack on hand to listen to as i write papers and study. but last weekend my good friend Quinn invited me over to watch a movie & bravely let me choose which one. I chose Amelie & i wasn't sure of how it would be received-- ex-roommate from freshman year hated it, seeing as how she "had to read" the subtitles...
but Quinn loved it & my love for the wonderful story was remembered...

Amelie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her. -narrartor
{all photoss via: google images.}
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