Saturday, January 31, 2009


A {Thank You} for my {Mom} for all that she does:
For being a {great mom}, and {everything she does for our family}.
She is {an amazing grandma}, not to mention a {great roommate}!
She never fails to {crack me up} with {her random sayings}, {political updates}, and the way she talks to the tv as if it can hear her & how competitive she gets in games.
She is such a {beautiful person inside and out}. i wish everyone in the world had an opportunity to hang out with her, she can {brighten your day}. i {love} how she {"gets" me} and shares in my struggle, always offering {a hand to hold} along this unpredictable road of life. i {love} how people say we look alike, and i {love} how much she admires, adores, {loves my dad}, and how i get to see {true love} when i see {them together}.
but most of all, {i love having her for a mom}.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

{The Week in FIVE.}

{1.} Monday i watched these little lovelies & loved every second!
{my sweet nieces carolyn & julia. at my sister's house.}

{2.} And went bowling with a new boy & my darling friend Kelly later that night.

I saw

The Reader-
& ate Pita Pit with my wonderful friend Katherine, found my wallet.

{4.}Watched this cute little nugget,my nephew noah
after school/work on Thursday...

while the other nieces & nephews went to:
{via my sister Katie.}
{5.} On Friday
i talked to the new boy, &
planned a movie date for Saturday.

-Goodnight, loves.
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Lego Love.

{For my cousin, Michael.}

{via Weheartit.}
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Post Number:


thank you, darlings, for
inspiring me thus far.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The Office Max catalog is my bible."-Kelly Schrepfer.

my friend Kelly and i both work as student hourly's on campus. we just discovered that she is 2 floors directly above my lovely office. Kelly & I just realized that we have more than our jobs and good looks in common, we are both office supply addicts. we love everything about them, their purposes, their colors, their variations, their existence. we sadly, however, are poor college students and lack funds to buy various office supplies every time we go shopping.

and the other day something glorious happened. each department's office was delivered a 300+ page, glossy, jammed packed, catalog [including tabs which separate "supply" types] from...OFFICE MAX. i'm sure if i would have listened quietly, at the right moment, {after having gotten over my own excitement, of course.} i would have heard Kelly squeal with delight from two floors above!

so today,
around 10:30am i receive a text from my fellow office supply addict.

kelly10:46am: are you at work??

me10:46am: Yes.
kelly10:47am: Page 226 of the office max book
me10:49am: Love it! I don't like the u-shaped ones
kelly10:51am: Me either
me10:50am: 731 A
kelly10:53am: Oh no god. I was just typing 731 to you.
me10:54am: Shut up Shut up!
kelly10:59am: I swear. I was showing my boss and i said 'im texting this to anna'

true love= office max.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

{Quote of the Week.}

Week {Drei};

{via: notebookdoodles}.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

{eeeek! so exciting!}...

{via weheartit.}
stay tuned, my dears!!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm {Back}. <-clever pun, just wait...

as you can see, i have conquered html/css language. actually, after 4 hours of trial & error...error, error, error, i managed to arrange my blog to my liking, well as much as i am gonna like it for now. html/css will not get an ounce more of my time for at least a month. grrr.

Well, since i've been away, many things have transpired...

1. a few weeks ago i was struggling to take a deep breath without having an obnoxious, sharp shooting pain race through my body. after i began feeling intense chest pain, i decided perhaps i should let a doctor take a gander...
after my initial appt. with my doctor i learned...
1. the heart does not have nerves which produce the feeling i was describing, it was more my chest wall. {touche, sir doctor, touche.}
2. my left shoulder blade is 2 inches up too high, and 2 inches from where it should be located.
3. the left side of my back was essentially twisting and affecting my essential organs...
{great news, i'm sure you would agree.}
4. i would need to see a physical therapist ASAP.

so having recieved such news, i decided i should probably follow up with a PT in order to, you know, breath. So last friday, i ventured to my PT evaluation. My PT is soo ridiculously nice and she shared a lot of the same interests as me, television, television, and oh yea, facebook too. well its a good thing we hit it off so well considering i will be seeing her 3 times a week, for 6 more weeks. yes. i kid you not. my left side of my back is using practically none of its muscles, so they have to fix that, for a while.
the first day of PT was amazing, they did an ultrasound on my back for about 15min. {and no its not the type of ultrasound we are familiar with, i asked}... I simply explained that they would not find a baby in my shoulder blade, or anywhere on my body in general. after my PT got done laughing at my statement, she explained that it sends sound waves in my muscles which deepen the massage and loosen up the muscles, which were on vacation the past zillion years, seeing as how they did NOTHING for my back that they were supposed too... anywho. after ultrasound, which i start out with every visit, she massages and rubs out my back. it feels pretty amazing in the moment, which keeps me feeling good through all my stretches which i do after each massage. well, the stretches don't feel too bad in the moment, HOWEVER, after PT, about 2 hours after i get home, i start to feel the stretches, and how well i stretched them. YYYY-OUCH!! but its worth it, because i won't be 30 years old with a hunchback... and i get to go back 2 more times each week and get the ultrasound/massage all over again! woop! woop! but yes, i'm on track to breathing effectively again, and discovering how to "stand up straight"!

p.s. to all you family members {mom} cough, cough who continually yelled at me to stand up DID hurt when i tried to stand up straight because i was crippled!!!!

well my dears, i'm going to take a lovely afternoon nap. i'll catch you up on much more later!!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{Under Construction}.

{via paperglass.tumblr}
dearest darlings,
i am currently in the process of redesigning/organizing my blog. seeing as how i don't speak html/css, it is an ongoing battle. please don't give up hope, i shall return very soon.
hugs to all.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

{Quote of the Week.}

Week {Zwei};
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

{I'm gonna spread my wings & fly around the world.}

hello lovely readers, where ever you may be.
Lately, i have been longing to get out of this town for a while, maybe venture someplace new. Some place i've never been, never imagined i'd explore. well, you see, i have a newly evoked desire to visit Ireland. I've always heard tales of its exquisite beauty, but i'm usually not one for traveling across the globe to look at a landscape, usually i expect elaborate buildings, or an amusement park of some sort, in order to pack my bags and head for an adventure. But recently, i've become so intrigued by landscapes, nature, & all the beautiful things apart of God's creation which i've always taken for granted.
As i sit in class, watching the teacher standing in front of the chalk board, speaking behind a podium, i become restless. Most of my classes lack windows, our only outside source of life being a projector's image on a screen. {by the way, watching a professor set up any sort of technological device is like watching a hippopotomaus try to hula hoop. i kid you not...} sometimes, as my teacher's mundane points are lost in my train of thought, i dream of traveling around the world. walking on the beautiful paths along the ocean in Greece, window shopping in Paris, riding double decker buses in England, eating Gelato in Italy, going to Mass in Vatican City, biking past castles in Germany, picnicking in Maine... oh how my thoughts do travel. so this year, as attempt to save some money from each paycheck, i hope to plan an adventure to ignite a flame in my heart reminding me that dreams are attainable. you just have to be insistent on them. never take no for an answer.
{this week, in my first day of classes, one professor proceeded to ask us watch we projected the chances to be to obtain a job in our desired area. I was shocked to hear most respond with small percentaged responses. When i had to announce my expectations, i simple stated
"100%" afterall, whoever lowers their expectations will also be settling on their standards. why would i be chasing a dream i figured i could never achieve, whats the point?
People will tell you things are impossible, but nothing truly is until you tell yourself it is.}
let's plan a dream which has many beautiful rest stops along the way...
perhaps, Ireland.
{would you like to come, or is it simply too, impossible?}

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

God Only Knows.

Dearest Gma,
Its been a long time, but i know that you are listening to the thoughts i fail to transcribe; the thoughts i have of you everyday; how much i miss you, how much i love you. Its been mundane down here, everybody's trying to get by. The days are short, the wind, oh so chilly, and daylight short and often hard to come by.
We missed you so incredibly much at Christmas this year.
{Considering you taught us what Christmas is all about, after all.}
{Christmas Circa: 1994}
& Peace.
I knew you were right there with us, watching over us, guiding us along with your support. Many times throughout the day i thought i heard your laughter, i thought i saw you in the other room, but it wasn't you, and my heart broke a little more each time i was brought back to reality. Midnight Mass was beautiful and brought peace to my heart knowing you were safe in the arms of God. How i wish to be right there with you.
Sometimes, when i think about you, my heart misses you so much it hurts, and i just have to distract myself with something to ease the pain. as if i'm trying to trick my mind into thinking it was all just a dream.
i have a lot of dreams about you. i like to think its really you in them. but sometimes i think i am just so wishful that my mind concocts them to soothe me. its oh so bittersweet. i love you so much, i just want you to know that. i want you to know how special you are to me. how special you have and always will be to me. please, never forget that.
i could go on for hours, repeating myself to you over and over. However, i must go to bed, perhaps i'll see you in my dreams. Know that i love you, and i always will.

Love always,
Anna Banana
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a little place i like to call {home}.

this is what being a Jayhawk is all about, {TRADITION.}
Everytime this is shown before tip-off, i get {goosebumps} and a surge of {happiness} goes through my mind.
[ out, its kinda loud.]
{me, freshman year 2007.}
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Monday, January 12, 2009

i've got my {passion}. & i've got my {pride}.

{billy joels Vienna}
i love billy joel & i love audrey.
i posted this because of {the lyrics} & how much {i relate} to them right now. call it cliche, but its what i feel {honestly}.
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{Quote of the week.}

Week {Eins};
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

when i look at the moon, i wonder if you're looking, too.

{click to enlarge.}

my photo editor & i are at odds right now so we will have to settle for mediocre.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

i want to go. so bad.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

{Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear ...}

{sunset photo taken via my camera phone
Wednesday January 7, 2009.
Isn't it beautiful??
Just another subtle reminder, i suppose! view below...}

Today i feel GOOD...even though i had to get blood drawn, & had to quickly run to work afterwards. but i knew that blood getting drawn is important for monitoring my health, which is GOOD. therefore, even though this time it hurt like hell, i realized it was okay, because it was for something GOOD. & work is GOOD because i work with amazing people, & get to blog.

Perhaps i feel GOOD because over break i accomplished many things i had forever avoided...{a}cleaning & ORGANIZING my room, thoroughly.{b}ORGANIZING my computer files.{c}getting control of my spending;start saving.{d}contact missed ones; keep in touch.{e}clean & decorate my bathroom.{f}take car in for maintenance...just to name a few. Having finished up 99.9999% of those tasks, i feel GOOD.

along with that, subtle signs that i need to feel GOOD are continuously flying my way...i.e.; {Here comes the sun} popping up multiple times on my Pandora Radio...people smiling at me on the street...lovely messages from friends...sales on the exact items i needed to visits being worthwhile...coming across funny pictures like this:
from recently discovered wonderful websites like THIS.

i'm loving everyone's optimistic outlooks for 2009, from bloggers to the amazing ladies i am blessed to work with.
i think i was right in thinking, 2009 shall be divine.

{Here comes the sun, doot-in-doo-doo... here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right.}
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Romeo save me....

i usually am not into pop{y} singers of today... or much of their music. But i finally broke down and gave into a very cliche song. a song i can guarantee to you that every 13 year-old girl in America blares in their bedrooms, every night,while dancing around, using a brush as a microphone. & not that i am all mature and everything or that i would never do that these days, because trust me, i do, and i will continue to do so, the rest of my life. But usually i avoid extremely cliche, catchy songs, but THIS song is flippin' amazing, no matter how cliche and catchy it is... i'm sure you've heard it. it fits into every genre and can be heard on pretty much any radio station. Taylor Swift's Love Story, anyone? yes, that's what i thought... you LOVE it too. ;)

Love Story - Taylor Swift

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said,
"Marry me, Juliet. you'll never have to be alone.
I love you and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress;
It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'
{yes. hands down my new for now i feel like finding my brush and dancing...}

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Monday, January 5, 2009

big reminders of LOVE...

This weekend everywhere i turned i was reminded of the beautiful sacrament of Marriage. Saturday I went to my cousin Jenny's bridal shower & it was so exciting. I love love LOVE bridal showers while the excitement is always overflowing, the bride-to-be is always gleaming with happiness, & not to mention the food is always so cute and delicious! {Congratulations Jenny, I am so excited for you and Mike!}
Later that night, i ventured to Blockbuster to return my movies and make some more use of my awesome gift card my parents gave me for Christmas... i turned down the comedy aisle and saw to young girls, probably 7 years old or so, looking at a Father of the Bride and talking to each other about how much they LOVE that movie! I giggled to myself, thinking of my cousin Julie and i watching that movie over and over and over again when we were around their ages, and how we still find ourselves watching it to this day! They were so cute, but they made me feel so grown up...
Then later that night, i got online reading up on my favorite sites and bloggers, and the beautiful Joanna had posted these amazing engagement photos she had just gotten done!
{photo via A Cup of JO}
Aren't they flippin' adorable!! i LOVE them!!
well to top off these wedding filled weekend, i watched Mamma Mia with my cutie pie nieces last night. I'd say it was a wonderful way to end this preview of {weddings-to-come} weekend!
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Friday, January 2, 2009

A divine 2009.

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