Monday, December 14, 2009

{to}: Miss Julia...{love}: Your Aunt Anna.

{via: weheartit.}

My darling Julia,
I can hardly comprehend how fast time manages to march on.
It seems like yesterday that you entered
this big beautiful world!

You have always brought unbelievably big smiles to our faces, and more importantly our hearts!
I love that the first time i babysat you, you proceeded to only "meow" at me.
I think you knew it would be something to giggle about later in life, i think you are wise beyond your years.
I love that you take your food very seriously.
just like your aunt anna & your mamma.
I love that you cuddle like a baby koala.

I love that you leave me silly voicemails on my phone.
I love your monster growls, along with your love for dress-up.
I love that your favorite song right now is Ben Folds "You Don't Know Me" and that you call it the "silly song".
I love that you love Taylor Swift as much as your aunt Anna.
I love that you stand up for yourself.

Stay sassy.

You are such a special girl, Julia.
Don't forget that, ok?

Love always & forever.
Aunt Anna.
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  1. Aw so cute!! Your niece is adorable!!

  2. OH HOW PRECIOUS IS SHE!! Lovely little lady! with great musical taste obviously!

  3. adorable & you sound like such a lovely aunty :)

  4. adorable & you sound like such a lovely aunty :)

  5. Oh, I died when I saw this on your sister's blog! She is the cutest little firecracker! You're such a good auntie for supporting her in everything she does. ;-)

    ~ Jen

  6. you are such a cute aunt!! and seriously? that video of her almost made me cry it was the cutest funniest thing ever! so cute!! love love love love love love!! there, i used love a lot too :)

  7. That video made me laugh SO HARD! Please please please send it in to America's Funniest Home Videos.

  8. awwww how sweet!!
    Julia is such a cutie!!
    I can tell you probably spoil her rotten -- heehe, I mean what are aunties for???


    p.s. I've been meaning to ask you, have you ever seen Hugh Grant in Micky Blue eyes???
    and that is corky, every guy you've dated owning a copy of about a boy!!! LOL :)

  9. Sassy girls are the best...absolutely.


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