Wednesday, December 16, 2009

{Quote of the Week.}

fweek {einundfünfzig};
[finals week edition.]

{via: tumblr.}

"It's important to be well-rounded — not purely scientific and analytical. Explore the arts: poetry, music, decoupage (a visual art form I've been developing since the first grade). And remember, it's always better to have a cursory knowledge of a lot of things than to actually know a lot about any one thing. This is called a liberal arts education."
i love being a liberal arts major! : )
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  1. i think being well rounded is the greatest quality to have! a little bit of everything :) i hope finals are going great for you anna!

  2. this is what my college has been stressing since i was freshmen, lol, I am glad someone else enjoys the importance of it as well! goodluck with finals, i have thoroughly enjoyed your countdown, it has made my finals week more enjoyable, and given me time to reflect on what my routine was and the joys in it! goodluck with the rest of your finals!
    josslynn nicole

  3. People ask why college is answer? Trivial Pursuit.

  4. Hahaha... my liberal arts education was kinda about knowing everything. As future journalists, we were expected to be able to transition from discussing world politics with the President to interviewing the Pope about the Book of Revelation to analyzing the biggest game on Sunday easily.


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