Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my note to a crush...once upon a time.

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update to last week's post...

so i must tell you about a time i actually told a crush that i liked him!

last winter i decided to go out to a show with a couple of friends...

we laughed. we danced. we sang along with the bands. it was grand!

well as the night went on i decided to go outside to call a friend & see what she was up to. as i stood in the freezing cold, attempting to dial my cell with my mittens on (my life in a nutshell.) a cute boy said he liked my red coat & asked me about how i was enjoying the show... (& by cute i mean adorably charming & equally handsome.)

we began to talk & it turns out his band was headlining... i had no idea who they even were, which made for an awkward moment when he asked me which band i was there to see & my response of..."Oh, I'm just here because there wasn't much going on tonight..." (silly, silly Anna. WHO says that? WHO?!)

we discussed his new move to Kansas from Seattle & about how his mother was from Germany, so he, too, spoke German.

our shy conversation was soon cut short after his brother & band-mates came out to get him to prepare to play. as he left he said "i hope you stay to watch, that would be great."

i was so flustered and looking back i was so silly.

once returning to my friends inside i went to the bar & asked for a small piece of paper & a sharpie marker.
i wanted to write him a note.

i simply wrote:
Dear cute-boy-from-Seattle,

If you ever want to go on an adventure around Lawrence you should let me know,i know some of the loveliest places.

(oh, & i wrote it in German.)

my friend then delivered it to him, saying it was from me. she said he smiled and opened it quickly.

after the show he found me and said he hoped i had enjoyed it...he then smiled sweetly & said goodbye.

honestly, i figured he had thrown it away, or just stuffed it in his pocket to be forgotten, but a week later i got a sweet text explaining the late response.
he had "lost the note in his guitar case and had been searching all week for it"...

i was so excited, i never thought he would even think twice!...

we did hang out & we had a great time, but in the end it just didn't work out.

it was a silly adventure, nevertheless! : )
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  1. cutest crush story ever! I wish something half as fun as that would happen to me!

  2. this the sweetest story i have ever heard:)

  3. I lift my hat off to you! Excellent work! And you know what? Silly adventures are very good to have. They make you happy when you're in the middle of them and they make you happy ten years down the road, when you're married to the best guy in the world and never want to have an adventure again. Silly adventures make for good memories.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aww Anna! That's such an adorable story! Good for you writing him that note!


  5. things like that are always cute and amazing while they last- however short lived!

  6. that is sooo cute! i can just imagine the whole episode. :)

    i once told a crush that i liked him and was told that he had never thought about me in "that" way. HUGE mistake. so embarassing!

  7. oh that is one of the sweetest thing i have ever read. how lovely! thanks for sharing, this put a smile on my face.

  8. What a wonderfully sweet story! thanks for brightening my day!

  9. That is absolutely adorable! Way to just go for it, so much courage, I'm in awe.

  10. This is my favorite thing ever!

    P.S. Do people call you Anna Banana all the time? That's what I call you in my head.

  11. Anna, this just made my night. Haha I love how you told him you were only there because there was nothing else going on! I would probably say something awkward like that too! so funny, and the exchange between you two was completely adorable.

    By the way, I speak German too! :)

  12. Anna, that is the cutest true story ever! It reminds me of my adventure once with a boy in a band. and. it. makes. me. smile. = )

    ~ Jen

  13. Aw, I love that story! I'm glad you two had a cute adventure! :)

  14. ooo soooo gutsy! i like it! nothing like a german love story! xoxo

  15. Sweet! I've been waiting since last week for you to share this story. Thanks!

  16. oh gosh how sweet is this!!!
    you had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this story and I love it:)

  17. Awww how sweet. The romantic in me wishes it would have gone further. ;)
    Loving your blog btw.

  18. oh, how sweet, love it! And good for you for going for it!

  19. what a cute crush story! and how brave of you :)

    love it!


  20. Oh, you make me smile! How brave of you to send him the note and can you imagine if you had not? You'd still have been wondering. Good, brave Anna!

  21. Awesome story, you went out on a limb and had a great time. It doesn't matter if it didn't work out, you have a great memory and a fab story to tell! :)

  22. As hilarious as it sounds. Life would be so dull without this kind of experiences... :p

  23. I'm curious....where did you take him?

  24. nice post. thanks.

  25. Thank you :) take a look this emo boy hair at this blog:

  26. I wanted to tell you that I love love love love love your blog (I just found it) I am loving the photos and the quotes and I just love it, I am a girl that is quite Smitten with a Musician at the moment and well this story made me smile a million watt smile and get butterfly.

    Thank you!


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