Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Love.

The wonderful Sarah Von from the inspiring blog Yes and Yes so very kindly wrote a special post for us today! I absolutely love it, and I think you will for sure, too!
I loooove tiny things - tiny houses, tiny letters, Shakira. Things that are small take up fewer resources, are better for the enviroment and, more importantly, are awesome. See?

How to add a bit more tiny to your life?
* Make your lunch in a bento box
* Consider those adorable, half-sized sodas

* Even if you can afford a 2-bedroom, don't write off the humble studio apartment. You'll save heaps of money and you'll find yourself only living with the things you truly love
* Rent a Mini Cooper or a Smart Car. Parallel park *everywhere*
* Serve dinner on tea cup saucers: cocktail weinies, finger sandwiches, mini oreos
* Send a letter from The World's Smallest Post Office to your best friend
* Coo over these tiny living spaces
* Peruse this list of the Guiness Book of World Records smallest stuff.

Do you love the tiny?
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  1. This was such a cute post!! I love Sarah from yes and yes!! She is probably one of the cutest human beings alive!! I love little things too! This post made me think of Polly Pockets. Do you remember those? They were very small and very cute!

  2. *gasp* leetles! ah! mouse! teddy! yes! win! kitten! letters!


    warning: tiny things lead to incoherent babbling.

    and popculture reference for how i met your mother fans: "but but but sock?!"

  3. hey Anna! (: I found your blog through Simply Hayley Ann. (: and well, I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG. haha. and I've nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. (: please do visit my blog.

  4. What a cute little post! I'm not a big collect of things that are too tiny because they're too easy to lose, but this post reminded me of a teeny beanie-baby monkey my grandma gave me. So cute!! =D

  5. ..hey..this is tiny comment for you..

  6. Ha ha ha, such a cute post Anna.

    I love little things!

    Cheers: Evi

  7. If burgers were that tiny... I think I would need at least 20 or maybe more. Haha.

  8. I love all those pictures of the cutest teeny things!

  9. omg jacque! I USED TO LOVE POLLY POCKETS!!

  10. 2 words: THAT KITTEH!

    *i'm dying* from cute.

  11. I know! He looks so sad that he's tiny!

  12. I know! He looks so sad that he's tiny!

  13. These are so super cute!!!! :)

  14. I always wanted a studio....I was jealous of my friend's. Aaahhh. Now, a studio with three kids, a hubby, and the pooch just seems silly. I'd go mad.


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