Thursday, December 17, 2009

day number 4.

{via: flickr.}

a few weeks ago i was sitting in the library writing a paper when a cute boy came and sat across from me. a few minutes later he received a call and talked about this and that for a bit. all of a sudden he says really loudly:
"I told you already! I know i have to be the D.D. (Designated Driver) for the star wars convention-- it's o.k. though, i heard the guy who did the voice for C-3PO is going to be there! It's going to be awesome!"
i giggled quietly and smiled at him, he turned bright red but then smiled back.

it was so cute--i absolutely adore quirky boys!

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  1. awwww, haha. i like star wars and boys who like star wars are usually pretty cute. :P

  2. Same taste of guys. I always think quirky guys have their own charisma. So sick of popular guys :p

  3. cute and adorable! Would have loved to seen him turn red! :D

  4. omg that is adorable!! Nerdy boys are my favorite!!

  5. Oh, pursue, pursue! You did so well on the band guy, why not a Star Wars conventer? You probably need some distraction from exams anyway!

  6. LOL Oh, Star Wars. How I hate thee.

  7. lol!!! People get drunk at the Star Wars convention?


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