Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day number 2.

kim & me.

my friend kim & i met in our berlin culture lecture that met every tuesday from 4:10-7:00p.m. we would get antsy sitting there for so long, so one day we decided to go bowling before class-- seeing as how we had three hours to wait around on campus. [oh & because bowling > studying.] can you believe we have a bowling alley on campus?? how rockin' is that? needless to say it was awesome--& i won! woot!!

today we had our berlin culture final. i hope i get a higher score than i did bowling. ; )

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  1. I love bowling!!! I am sure you did well on your final :) ... love your blog!! xo

  2. i love bowling! looks like fun :) i hope you did great on your final!

  3. If you do end up singing very very loud in the library to spread cheer, you'd better film it!!!

    Please do it!

  4. The Jaybowl is great. Agreed. We had OJ's first birthday there and it was a hit. Glad you won. Always feels so good, doesn't it?


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